A question of proper access

McLeans Ridges resident Vicki Rose is frustrated with the process she has gone through to try and find information about a rezoning proposal that could affect her lifestyle.

Ms Rose has been corresponding with Lismore City Council staff on the specific question of driveway access to Camerons Road.

At heart is a statement in the Lismore Rural Housing Strategy (LRHS) that says direct vehicular access to (Camerons Rd) should be precluded and the number of new road connections minimised.

Ms Rose wrote several times to Council asking how the proposed development could possibly comply with the LRHS when there were clearly plans for driveway access to Camerons Road.

Council general manager Paul OSullivan replied to Ms Rose, saying that absolute adherence to the term precluded wasnt necessary and that Council staff are at all times empowered to seek solutions to proposals that present conflicts to guidelines, policies and strategies.

Council staff had proposed re-aligning and widening Camerons Road.

Ms Rose then made a Freedom of Information request asking for information about names and dates of LCC staff meetings where the solution to the driveway access to Camerons Road was discussed.

She was told there were no such notes, emails, correspondence or telephone logs of any meetings.

The fact is there arent notes of any meetings, there were no notes written, Mr OSullivan told The Echo. Its the nature of the discussion, theres no denial that there was a meeting, its not a case of hiding anything that was discussed. I dont know who was involved but if I did Id make the notes available.

The files have been perused by umpteen people looking for information they think has been hidden by Council.

Nothing is being hidden here.

Ms Roses most recent correspondence from Council was a letter from Mr OSullivan in which he called her disgraceful and her behaviour contemptible.

I meant them both and I dont resile from any of that, Mr OSullivan said.

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