Circus, death and humanity

I was watching a great, though bawdy, yank comic called Bill Hicks on youtube the other day and he reckoned life was just one big circus ride, a big game. There is a note of truth to what he said but I was concerned it might encourage people to be frivolous with what is the most valuable thing theyll ever possess: their own lives.

Perhaps the fact Hicks smoked himself to death was because he didnt place enough value on his own existence.

Sure Hicks was right in pointing out life ends in death for everyone; no matter whether a homeless alcoholic or a lawyer with a dozen silver Mercedes secured in a climate-controlled, double-bolted under-mansion carpark.

However, how we behave on the circus ride is a serious concern. Getting stupidly drunk and vomiting down the back of the guy in the cart in front of us on the roller coaster might be funny for distant onlookers, but it is dreadfully uncivilised and leaves all concerned smelling of sick for the rest of the day.

Buying the fairground and excluding everyone from the amusements is just another sick way of spreading misery.

This is why winning isnt the only thing; winning is nothing. Life is a no-win situation. The final result is always Death 1, You 0. The only thing that actually matters is how you play the game. Did you increase the levels of grief or the amount of enjoyment while you were playing? Youll know because people will befriend you if they think you can be trusted to be honest, kind and fair to them.

Life might be a circus ride but its how we behave that determines whether its a ghost train around the castle of horrors, or a joyful and exhilarating flight with friends around a wonder world.

Sadly most newspapers and TV stations fill our heads with horror stories; apparently niceness, generosity and caring are too banal to get any airplay. However, this barrage of brutality and senseless murder creates a false view of how the world is. The streets arent actually deadly dangerous, most people are half-decent.

When I was walking along the footpath in Dunoon on Friday two kids stopped their scooters and pulled them to the side so I could walk past. It was so sweet.

This morning when I was walking to work, a bicyclist rang his bell before passing me. I stood to one side and as he rode past he thanked me for sharing the sidewalk.

That said, Lismore registered five muggings last weekend. So if youre walking home late at night, at the moment, take a friend.

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