StarGazing with Lillith

With Venus and Mercury joining the Sun in Pisces, the zodiacs mellowest sign for intimate business, make the most of this weeks togetherness energy with a romantic interest, close family, special friends or connect with your own deepest personal dreams.

ARIES: The downside of this week provides the ideal climate for working yourself into an emotional extravaganza not a pretty picture, so remember the best way to get even is to forget.If you cant find peace in yourself, its pointless looking anywhere else.

TAURUS: The spesh kind of indulgent week Taurans love. Yes, other peoples behaviour might seem inexplicably bizarre and contradictory, but midweek Moon in your sign shines unexpected luck your way, bringing precisely the information or offer required for your next step.

GEMINI:This week tugs you out of your head and into your senses, pulling your focus up close and personal rather than all about like trout. Your intuitions spot on right now for making the right contacts and connections, but avoid getting caught up in power struggles.

CANCER: Your resistance to environmental elements accidents, upsets, other people isnt at its strongest this week, so emotions could easily boil over from excited to uncontrollable. Boost your psychic immunity with optimism, humour and doing lots of what makes you feel good.

LEO: While others will appreciate and admire what youre on about, this week an overly dogmatic approach could still cause emotional fallout.The soft rather than hard line, purring in preference to roaring and paw in the velvet glove instead of claws are all highly recommended.

VIRGO: This week asks you to let the finer things of life feed the inner you: theatre, music, creative pursuits, spending time with friends, doing your favourite thingsBut it does advise care in not making decisions based only on assumptions or someone elses say so.

LIBRA: Emotions have their own mad logic this week, which is one of the years most magical if you can think outside your usual routine and tune into it. Youll get best results by following your curiosity and instincts rather than sticking to a structured plan.

SCORPIO: As Piscean vibes tenderise that guarded, protective part of your heart, this week wont be at all offended by your dramatic intensity and expressing affection will have a delicious ripple effect that boomerangs back to you from unexpected directions. Definitely your week for turning heads.

SAGITTARIUS: A week best spent at home or where you feel at home, which for Sagittarians is often outdoors. During emotional moments, doing something to beautify your surroundings will lift your spirits.Ask rather than push or go it alone and youll find others willing to help.

CAPRICORN: Stalemates may resolve of their own accord as this weeks shifting, swirling world brings unexpected changes in arrangements giving you the opportunity to take another look at where youre headed and ask yourself is that what you truly deeply madly want?

AQUARIUS: The way people feel, or their explanations, mightnt make sense to you right now so use empathy: imagine youre in their situation.Think of it as space travelling. Something youve always wanted becomes available this week, and mightnt be this close again for awhile.

PISCES:The cosmic lottery hands you a winning ticket this week, dissolving a long time deadlock and kicking off a bright new cycle of opportunities. One of the years best periods for touchy-feely stuff and psychic insights backed by solid, practical results and feedback.

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