Lismore Garden Club News

The Lismore Garden Club coach trip to Brisbane on February 24 turned out to be our most successful yet. We had many very positive comments from the 42 happy gardeners that went. Our first stop was for morning tea at Tugun, just over the border. The next stop was at the Hundschiedt Tropical Balance Garden at Sunnybank. While many of us have seen this magnificent garden on TV garden shows and in garden magazines, nothing could prepare us for the reality. The garden featured most of the beautiful tropical foliage plants and flowers that we have seen or read about presented in a stunningly beautiful landscape.

The Brisbane Roma Street Parkland Garden was our choice for lunch and we had a guided tour around the show garden. Before turning for home we spent an hour at the massive Hawkins Nursery at Chandler. My comment to the passengers on the way home was our coach trips keep on getting better and better; its going to be a tall order to better this one.

Jobs to do in the garden now: Stop weeds from seeding by pulling them out and putting them in the green waste bin. Take leaf cuttings of African violets and begonias. Watch out for lawn grubs and take prompt action when they appear. Sow beans, lettuce and tomatoes. Yates Garden Guide.

Our wonderful local nurserys and rural supplies are bursting at the seems with all your garden needs for autumn planting.

Things such packets of seeds, seedlings, potted plants, pots, potting mix, fertiliser, sprays and mulch.

So before you start planting make a list and stock up on your garden supplies.

The next meeting of the Lismore Garden Club will be at the Lismore Workers Club on Thursday March 13, at 1pm. Our guest speaker will be popular garden judge Vicki Pye. Visitors are most welcome. For further information phone Wally on 6624 1125.

Finally: Two guys are out in the garden and a hearse goes by. One reverently removes his hat and stands at attention with his head bowed. His gardening companion says that was a thoughtful thing to do. Back came the reply its the least I could do. After all I was married to her for 40 years.

Happy Gardening,Ron Burns.

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