Family questions

Family questions

I am writing a book about the ONeills of Bemboka and I am trying to trace descendants of Dave ONeill and his daughter Rose McNamara in the north of NSW.

Dave, who came to Lismore from Bemboka, died in 1936. He married Ellen ORegan. Daves children were Michael, Rose (who married Con McNamara and had a large family), Monnie and Jerry. I would love to hear from descendants, or anyone with memories or photos.

Email, phone 9907 9228 or write to 4 Battle Boulevarde, Seaforth.

Jenny ONeill


Promising start

The first 100 days of the new PM present a truly promising record with the exception of the composition of the Australia 2020 Summit Committee.

While womens under-representation is very disappointing the lack of even one non-English speaking background representative is equally dead wrong. First and second generation NESB migrants comprise probably well over 35 per cent of the population. Yet the committees composition has a predominantly white Anglo Saxon Australian male character. Research I did in 1996 provided clear evidence that NESB were severely under-represented in senior decision-making roles e.g., in parliaments, public services, the judiciary, corporate boards, universities, and the police forces. Well, the deed is done. Hopefully the imbalance can be corrected with the 1000 to be selected for the summit but rumours have it that many have already been co-opted without even an application. Given the composition of the steering committee a very conscious effort should be made to ensure proper gender and multicultural representation.

Klaas Woldring

Pearl Beach

Light fright

I was horrified to learn that the new energy-saving lightbulbs contain mercury vapour.

There was a huge promotion and media commotion about caring for the environment and cutting emissions, followed by free globes. I have spoken to other people, none of whom have heard they were toxic, even an electrician, nor did they hear these globes require special disposal. I have been told that in the USA, these light globes have a label that says you must leave the room immediately for at least 15 minutes if you break one.

So how is driving in your car to the Council building, or wherever these disposal places are supposed to be, every time your light globe dies, an energy saving exercise? How is getting mercury vapour directly into your brain (if it breaks), or the eventual adding of that mercury to the river, caring for the environment? On top of this extraordinary stupidity, it is said that the old type of globe is going to be phased out. So as well as the waste management fiasco, which includes no labelling, that means, toxic accidents waiting to happen will be compulsory in your home. How many got smashed in the hailstorm? Mine did.

The politically correct idea now is to be clean and green, right? So the authorities peddle poisons to us for our own safety, make them compulsory, and we just bleat? Is that the idea? Once you have imbibed sufficient quantities of your compulsorily poisoned water, thats probably all youll be able to do.

Jane Jennings

South Lismore

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Thank you to everyone who wrote in about our new banner and tree frog. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Readers can look forward to some more changes to the look of the paper in the next few weeks and some new sections - Ed.

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