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February is a good time to work on the preparation of soil for planting your cool season garden, ideally in the first week April. Remember, if you are serious about growing a really successful garden the preparation starts not the day before you decide to plant but at least a few weeks before to allow the micro-organisms to do their work in the soil first. Never forget the old adage when it comes to successful gardening: The answer is in the soil.

I have already prepared about half of my vegie garden and God willing I intend to prepare the balance of it in the next week or two. Heres how I tackled it. Firstly I cleared off all the remnants of the summer vegie spent plants and weeds. Next I spread a couple of bags of rotted cow manure over the garden bed and gave it a good dressing with pelleted chook manure and dolomite and turned the lot in. Finally I covered the bed with about 10cm of mulch, and watered the lot in with Seasol in tepid water, to start the very valuable micro-organisms and earth worms working. I intend to plant seed and seedlings in the first week of April.

One important factor to keep in mind is that if you start preparation now you will not have to rush and you can do the job a bit at a time.

Jobs to do now: To control mildew on cucurbits spray fortnightly with a mix of one part whole milk to five parts water. Its not too late to take cuttings of your favourite plants. Take a styrofoam vegie box and half fill it with sharp sand with 20 per cent coco peat. Plant your cuttings, cover the box with shade cloth, keep moist. Feed roses with organic rose fertiliser with potash and give the bushes a light pruning; cut off around 15cm across the top. This will ensure a flush of bloom in autumn.

The Lismore Garden Club is hosting an exciting day coach trip to Brisbane to see the amazing Hundscheidt tropical Balinese garden on Sunday, February 24. We will also visit the popular Roma Street gardens and a huge Brisbane nursery. Anyone can go you dont have to be a club member. The cost is $35/pp which covers morning tea, luxury coach travel and entry to the tropical garden. Time and seats are limited, so its important that you book promptly by phoning me on 6624 7422 or 0421 021 451.

Dont forget the club meeting next Thursday, February 14, at 1pm at the Lismore Workers Club. Visitors are most welcome. For further information phone Wally on 6624 1125.

Finally: A word of advice to all of you lady gardeners: If another woman steals your husband, get revenge. Let her keep him.

Happy Gardening

Ron Burns

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