True weird cool

Coolest hip hoppers around, True Live, are coming to the North Coast soon. With... wait for it... That 1 Guy. Whoa!

True Live are unusual. Theyre into hip hop with a three-piece string section (cello, violin, double bass)! Led by songwriter/producer RHyNO MC theyve caught Australias attention with their fusion of organic orchestral sounds and beat-heavy, hook-laden, bass-thumping rhythms.

Rolling Stone magazine fondly described them as the bastard children of orchestra and hip hop. And they now have an album The Shape of It.

True Live will play the Bangalow A&I Hall on Thursday, February 7, at 8.30pm.

Sounds like a cool concert, eh?

Well, how about this That 1 Guy will also do his amazing, funky thing in what is a special double bill.

Mike Silverman (aka That 1 Guy) is from Walnut Creek in California. He is a classically trained upright bassist who, after winning several jazz scholarships, became one of the most original and in-demand upright bass players in the progressive jazz scene in the USA.But that wasnt enough. Oh no.

Frustrated by the inability to get all the sounds in his head from the regular double bass, Mike developed his Magic Pipe a system of electronically wired steel plumbing, shaped somewhat like a harp, with a thick bass string wired from top to bottom. This guy can get huge audiences cranking.

Tickets are $20 and available from Barebones in Bangalow, Mullumbimby Bookshop, and All Music & Vision in Byron and Lismore. Or $25 at door.

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