Its a joke...

Joel Osborn can break his own neck. Oh boy, the talent of comedians...

The Big Joke Comedy Festival is the North Coasts own comedy extravaganza and runs from February 14-17 at the Bangalow A&I Hall. Local diva of comedy Mandy Nolan is the festival director and believes that a laugh is the shortest distance between two people. (And carbon neutral.)

With a swag of shows running over the weekend thisll be four days of wicked mirth.

One of the young stars of the festival is Joel Ozborn.

Now 29, Joel first got a taste for comedy when he was just 12 and found himself in the company of magicians.

When I was 12, I snuck into one of The Amazing Jonathons shows. It wasnt just the magic. I was blown away by his stand up and this guy Jonathon who would kill on stage. When I heard the audience roar I thought this is what I want to do! It was an epiphany. I got to know him better and I went and saw his show another two times and from that I met Akmal (Saleh), because he was opening for him at the time.

Akmal and the Amazing Jonathon have been comedy mentors for Ozborn.

In 1998 Joel moved to American to work with his childhood idol, The Amazing Jonathon. He worked in all 52 states and had the Venice Beach crowd impressed when he managed to squeeze his entire body through a tennis racket. (Anything for a laugh.)

I used to do prop comedy, stuff with the idea of magic behind it, but the laughs were always based on the fact that the magic didnt work, Joel said. Around 2004 I dropped all the props. It was a really freeing experience. I dropped the performance persona and I let myself discover things.

Joel Ozborn will appear with Peter Berner and Nick Sun at The Big Joke Comedy Festival in Bangalow on Saturday, February 16, for the Think, Thank, Thunk show at 8pm.

Tickets are $37.50.

For more info on all the shows during the festival and to purchase a ticket go to

Or phone 6687 2000.

Freebie: The Echo has a double pass to give away to Think, Thank, Thunk starring Peter Berner, Nick Sun and Joel Ozborn on Saturday, February 16, at 8pm. To go in the draw to win phone 6622 2888 between 10.30 and 10.45am next Monday, January 21, and tell us why the chicken crossed the road.

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