Stars: whats in store for the year ahead?

Astrologer and Lismore resident Helen Hope (pictured), a Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, gives readers an insight into what the stars hold for them in 2008.

The world is in this kind of Judgement Day process as evolutionary Pluto heads toward Capricorn, the sign of judgement. Which is why many people experienced great difficulties and situations that needed sorting out through 2007.

Every time Pluto changes signs, matters are raised that humanity, collectively and individually, needs to deal with in order to continue progressing. For example in 1983/4, when Pluto moved into Scorpio, AIDS became a reality. And since entering Sagittarius 1995, religious wars and fundamentalism have seriously escalated. Pluto moving into Capricorn is all about government, both self government and world government.

Due to the changes brought in by the US voters to the United States Houses of Senate and Congress in November 2006, and that of the Australian voters in November 2007, the outlook is much improved. Instead of repressive world domination by those in power for their own nefarious purposes, as Pluto begins the Capricorn change on January 27, the potential is now much more inclined to a united world order to deal constructively and co-operatively with the problems our environment and civilisation face. (A much better prospect than the governing of the world through the heads of globalisation industries!) This has come about because of the choices people have made. The voting examples reflect how much most people want decency and transparency in government.

Right there is your key for living life successfully throughout 2008; consciously using your power of choice. As quantum physics has shown, the material forms we see, including you and I, are in essence the same energy. As you think and live you are drawing on the energy of life. It has now become more crucial as to what wells you are drawing your energy from. Those who persist in ways of lying, manipulating, greed etc, drawing from the well of darkness so to speak, will only find their misery increasing. Whereas those who act with the bigger picture in mind, employing kindness and wisdom, drawing from the wells of light as it were, will find not only success in their endeavours but also new powers stirring within them. In the 21st century choice has replaced the hand adze of stone age man as the tool that creates our world, individually and collectively. So make yours wisely. The following specific sign information will help light your way into this crucial year for the planet and its population.

Two other factors adding to the unique year ahead are a) it is a leap year and b) we have a true blue moon. (Moon full twice in the same sign. Not same month.) Which sign? Read on to find out.


OVERVIEW: Big plans and ideas that have been milling around in your mind can now be successfully acted on. The right attitude, coupled with diplomacy, amplifies your potential for power, respect and riches.

CAREER: Jupiter, planet of success, in your professional zone all year, and Pluto moving in and out to help things along, gives quite an extraordinary boost to your prospects throughout 2008. Make good use of the force whilst its with you.

MONEY: Inheritance or other cash payout possible. Career activities generate more money.

RELATIONSHIPS: Nurturing the partnership deepens it for the attached. Singles have good chances of meeting that other especially August 31 to November 5. Get yourself out and about.

HEALTH: Remain health-minded, and dont ignore little problems. They could become chronic. Dental hygiene very important too.

FAMILY: Do not forget about home happiness, safety and welfare in your drive to the top. Loving attention goes a long way.

STAR TIP: Inner martial arts or daily exercise.


OVERVIEW: Last year had some tough times for you. Depending on how you handled these, 2008 can be a much better year. Energy blocks have been worked through, and now youre able to realise those special dreams.

CAREER: With the Destiny Point lighting your way here all year, great things can happen. However, you have to make the appropriate effort to make it happen. Good all year, but especially January 9 to March 15 and April 20 to May 24.

MONEY: Good financial attention necessary all year to gain, not lose. Carelessness will cost you. Being fiscally savvy, the opposite.

RELATIONSHIPS: Profound, but good, changes here. As examples; the already partnered rejuvenate their relationship through travel, and singletons find that partner through learning venues or long distance destinations.

HEALTH: Fit as the proverbial Mallee Bull is what you can be, if you want to make the effort.

FAMILY: A much more rewarding area of life this year. Just pay good attention to home harmony and safety, particularly May 10 to July 2.

STAR TIP: Regular meditation hones your power.


OVERVIEW: Your fortunes certainly can change this year. All that hard work you have been putting into life can now begin to pay off. In fact, your efforts can meet with acclaim this year particularly April 12 to May 24. Overseas factors help.

CAREER: Positive destiny is able to help you (even out of the blue success is possible) here, if you sincerely believe in what you are doing. Further studies, travel and long distance factors assist in your success. Intuition can guide you.

MONEY: Avoid debt if at all possible. Then your dollar count can build, and rewards arrive on efforts already made.

RELATIONSHIPS: Partnerships that meant nothing have gone from life. Existing relationships can be enriched and enlivened. Solos can meet that special person. Wedding bells and commitment are in the air.

HEALTH: Focus on improving well-being through diet, exercise and meditation, as you have rejuvenative power this year.

FAMILY: Keep up duties and obligations here. Then serious Saturn scrutinising this area can award stars, not shocks.

STAR TIP: Polish your charm skills.


OVERVIEW: With major Pluto making major moves in your chart this is a highly significant year for you. Get and keep your emotions on an even keel, and dont indulge in moods. Negativity only begets more. But by remembering to act civilly with others and being present to the moment to guide life, you can do very well.

CAREER: You may want to change direction this year. Listen to your inner radar, as staying on in something thats over is not going to help you flourish.

MONEY: Balance the ledger, as old debts could cause problems. Then youll have more good fortune around you, as well. Just beware burning up the dollars from May 10 to July 12.

RELATIONSHIPS: Mixed themes here. Up to you how they play out. Generous Jupiter promises plenty of meetings, with even the rich and famous entering your orbit. But Pluto will weed out those partnerships that dont or never belonged in your life.

HEALTH: Emotional stress or over-excitement damages well-being. Keeping the balance makes all the difference.

FAMILY: Dont let problems build. Then from August 20 to November 6 brings rewards, not brickbats.

STAR TIP: Express your creative self.


OVERVIEW: The year thats been really tested you. However, you are now much wiser, and 2008, put simply, looks great! especially if you draw on the wisdom now distilled within.

CAREER: Unusual success can be found in your work throughout this year. Travel, new studies, new job can be part of this. As can finding yourself dealing with secret or sensitive issues cropping up in the course of your career. You have both luck and the power to transform your working life by aiming efforts positively.

MONEY: Hard work will pay, handsomely. Corporate money is around you too. Grants or investment, for example.

RELATIONSHIPS: Mind your own personal behaviour, then the quite amazing potential in your relationship realm can flower. Whether single or attached, magic is able to be met with especially from January 6 to March 14 and April 22 to June 19.

HEALTH: Both Jupiter and Pluto influencing this area means daily attention to health works wonders. Neglect, the opposite.

FAMILY: Home and loved ones solidly back your ambitions in work and life, if you include them.

STAR TIP: The wiser you are, the better it is.


OVERVIEW: With serious Saturn, lord of time and karma, now in Virgo after a 29-year absence, scrutinising how well you balance lifes ledger, you need to be on your toes. However, by simply tackling life constructively, not moaning or whinging, Saturn can help you take quantum leaps.

CAREER: Special chances are around you to get into the field of work you really desire throughout 2008. Your ambitions are working well, and you can create dream results.

MONEY: September and October look turbulent. But handling your money wisely all year can make this enrich, rather than exhaust, coffers.

RELATIONSHIPS: Lucky Jupiter activating your love house all this year means being nice will get you everywhere. Travel, sport or cultural venues work love for either partnered or single.

HEALTH: New or alternative approaches can work for existing conditions. Daily meditation, along with exercise, keeps well-being humming impressively on.

FAMILY: New days dawn here. Problems that seem to have plagued for a while can now vanish.

STAR TIP: Manners maketh your world go round.


OVERVIEW: Much went on for you last year. However, what you have learnt has not only made you wiser, it has also enriched you. Adding to your multi-talented ability to prosper in this year.

CAREER: Any confusion here begins clearing. March 4 to May 9 is when your executive abilities can really come to the fore. Changes may be required through February. Listen to your feelings. Family members could be more important to career or business affairs in 2008.

MONEY: Increased funds flow from successful real estate, family money and professional activities.

RELATIONSHIPS: Trips away inspire the matched and offer options for singles especially til March. Good potential throughout 2008 to deepen existing relationships or meet your mate. Destiny shines over your love house.

HEALTH: Tension and stress is your Achilles heel. Being aware of this allows you to not get caught in it. Meditation and pampering baths good medicine.

FAMILY: Act with good intent here. Then the good fortune factor Jupiter brings can register, and the transformative power of Pluto work well.

STAR TIP: Climb Mt Warning (or others) for special insight.


OVERVIEW: Challenges and changes, possibly extreme, coloured 2007. Powerful Pluto, your ruling planet, gearing up to change signs, has been getting you in shape for better things. If youve been getting the message, it can now only get better. The true blue moon in Scorpio May 20 signifies the magic and mystery youre now able to tap into.

CAREER: People or experience from the past can uniquely help matters. Channel your strong ambitions wisely and you will reach new stratospheres of success.

MONEY: Restructuring your finances could make for more money. Reduce debts, and dont take on more. You can strike it big, but youll have to be very canny.

RELATIONSHIPS: More communication and shared experience enrich and evolve existing relationships. Singletons on the search should circulate options are to be found on the other side of the world to the local shops!

HEALTH: Your strong constitution benefits from regular exercise, or inner martial arts, such as tai chi or chi kung.

FAMILY: Destiny shines here. Working consciously to make good things happen means they can.

STAR TIP: Home is where the heart is.


OVERVIEW: Many changes took place last year as Pluto put the evolutionary pressure on. The work is not quite finished. But if you act with more respect for your inner self and outer world, excellent new days will be able to dawn throughout 2008.

CAREER: Chances much improved. However, you will have to sincerely work on your ambitions to achieve the, possibly great, success there for you in 2008. New training or responsibilities likely.

MONEY: Manage monies carefully. You could make or lose a fortune this year. Legacies or professional activities can increase the bottom line especially in April/May.

RELATIONSHIPS: Its easier for you to be comfortable in partnerships and commit this year. Theres a deeper sense of what things are about. However, Mars influencing your relationship and interaction zone til March 5 means project harmony, not hostility, to find what youre looking for.

HEALTH: As long as you maintain a good health regime, no serious problems look likely.

FAMILY: More prosperity and happiness can now take place. Just supplant old acrimony with a new attitude.

STAR TIP: Research the Family Tree.


OVERVIEW: Last year put you through your paces, as this year could be one of the biggest of your life. And you need to be ready. With transformative Plutos advent into Capricorn, wisdom and self knowledge make great success possible. Whereas not utilising such can make for the opposite.

CAREER: Heeding the above advice means fortunate Jupiter, now in Capricorn, can help you achieve highly significant ambitions. Some retraining or long distance journeys may be involved. Putting your mind to it gets the results you want.

MONEY: Peculiar conditions show up. Beware of scams. Being careful and conscious with money invites prize results especially April 24 to May 13. Negligence invites loss or robbery.

RELATIONSHIPS: The on-beam Capricorn enjoys heightened popularity this year, and this translates into partnerships. The partnered discover more bliss and joy. Singletons find more suitors showing up: Race track, bush walking, overseas or gala events good venues.

HEALTH: Beware accidents or risk-taking health behaviour from January and February. Working on your well-being greatly improves it this year.

FAMILY: See to home safety, harmony and security. Then instead of arguments or problems, new exciting dimensions to family life unfold.

STAR TIP: Remember to be present to the moment.


OVERVIEW: That which does not destroy me only makes me stronger applies to much experience of last year. But 2008 can be entirely different if you drew the learning from the suffering. Destiny itself can magically light your way. Prime times January 9 to March 14 and April 10 to May 12.

CAREER: Theres a change in tuning here. If you feel called to another path you should investigate. Changes and adjustment are part of your professional path. And they can all take you higher. Amazingly, meditation and prayer can manifest more success or that job you want.

MONEY: Meditation and prayer can also help your finances swell especially March 21 to May 14, November and December. Extra funds can flow from family, real estate or business activities.

RELATIONSHIPS: With the Karmic Point now in your partnership and interaction zone old issues may return for clearing. Dealing positively with what arises enhances your prospects of great good karma. Singletons can then meet with kismet.

HEALTH: Good sleep nightly is crucial to your well-being throughout 2008.

FAMILY: Banish bad vibes. Be pleasant. Family life can now thrive.

STAR TIP: Keep a dream diary.


OVERVIEW: You were another sign in the frontline of last years, at times, severe star patterns. But that can now all change. As long as you employ a little self-discipline and follow through in life there are large rewards to reap and great opportunities to find throughout 2008.

CAREER: This has been demanding and sometimes confusing. But now the efforts you make, as well as the ones youve made, can call in great success. Social and career circles can be very helpful, as can seminars or launching into a new field.

MONEY: Keep hold of a calculator, otherwise you could burn through finances this year. Extra funds could be necessary for family or home life in January/February. Pay attention to avoid problems.

RELATIONSHIPS: Karmic and formal are two words that describe here. As are fated and profound. The partnered can journey into new and enriching experiences together if whats between them is true. Those looking for their other should find them. Just about any gathering of people can provide that introduction.

HEALTH: Fresh food and water essential. Maintain good health practices to avoid relapses or new problems.

FAMILY: Avoid arguments or fights. Channel the energy into improving home instead.

STAR TIP: Make time for lone sanctuary time for yourself.

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