StarGazing with Lillith

The concept that there are no accidents takes on new meaning this week as the links between cause and effect grow more obvious and the interconnectedness of everything more apparent. Patience and tolerance are arguably this weeks hardest, but still most worthwhile and profitable exercises

ARIES: Present astral energies have business hormones pumping, and this is one of the years finest times for tightening financial leaks and planning new money moves. But do your homework carefully and get as many different points of view as possible so you can make an informed choice.

TAURUS: A gung-ho go-ahead time for Taurans, so resist any Lots wife type temptation to look back longingly at the past. While new ideas might seem daunting, theyre worth serious consideration because this week career, relationships and creativity all benefit from a fresh approach.

GEMINI: Your ruling planet Mercury in mischievous, resourceful Aquarius is guaranteed to provide plenty of amusing adventures in this weeks group manoeuvres. And this weekend Moons a beauty for shimmying your booty, shaking your tailfeathers and taking your dancing shoes out on the town.

CANCER: The stars are ripe and the times right to take a long, hard, unsentimental look at your gifts and abilities and choose the best way to make use of them this year. Doing what you really love not just shrinking your thinking to what might be economically possible.

LEO: The present star scenario supports your plans for this year, though not necessarily in ways you expected or imagined. Rethinking priorities will be necessary before you can get what you want and where youre headed more of some things, less of others.

VIRGO: With an earthy grand trine rendering present energies Virgo-friendly, this weeks success depends on how much pleasure youre getting from what you do. If either work or play isnt enjoyable, give stale routines the boot, decide what youre passionate about and do more of it.

LIBRA: Your planetary boss lady Venus in Sagittarius promises a week of vivid socialising, sudden insights and unexpected experiences with unusual people. If Uranus is giving you a case of itchy feet and tempting you into new territory, this is an auspicious time to follow its lead.

SCORPIO: This weeks planetary lineup has the ingredients you need for getting down and determined about the business of getting your year into gear. Try not to take things too seriously though, because whats bothering you wont even be an issue in a weeks time.

SAGITTARIUS:Theres not a lot of divine fire in either the cosmic climate or planetary weather conditions at present, but Venus of the charming ways is giving Sagittarians a glamorous dazzle where friendships, partnerships and groups are concerned. Youre this weeks hot item.

CAPRICORN:Dont worry too much if some things just dont seem to add up this week. The present grand earth trines a superb period for reveling in the pleasures of the senses and why not? This is a beautiful world enjoy it while youre here.

AQUARIUS: You can be as wickedly sassy as you want right now, because with Mercury in your sign this week your radical talents cant help but shine.Current projects get extra star support for the next fortnight, so take advantage before Mercury retrogrades on the 28th.

PISCES: If a past pattern is repeating itself, you could make this the final replay because this weeks auspicious for completing something thats been going on for a very long time. New plans and ideas are waiting to manifest, but old ones need finalising first.

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