Council needs to control pets

Council needs to control pets

I live in Ballina and I find it to be a lovely place. Latelymany people in this area have been complaining about dogs and cats left to roam. I have noticed that it is becoming a serious problem in my neighbourhood too. We have had our gardens used as toilets by these animals.We find our rubbish bins turned overby dogs. Native animals, lizards and birds are being attacked and killed by cats and dogsthat are left out. People walking their dogs wont clean up after them. Theowners dont have the dog under control and on a leash. I thoughtBallina Council had lawsagainst this sort of thing?

J. Irwin


The master of deception

Re: J Byrnes letter A matter of choice (Echo, January 10).

They say Satan is the master of deception. Ask any child what is the first day of the week, and they will say Monday. They are wrong. Look in the dictionary and ask yourself what day is the Sabbath, because God said keep the Sabbath holy. Mans number is that of the beast 666. Are you being deceived like so many others going to church on the first day of the week. May God bless you and give you understanding.

G Cooke

South Lismore

Inappropriate industrial development

The Kyogle district is renowned for large floods and the township itself has some very flood prone areas that have houses, businesses and recreational facilities built upon them.

This most recent flood has clearly demonstrated the lack of careful planning for inundation in these areas.

Recently Kyogle Council voted to approve a development proposal for industrial land directly adjacent to the township south of Highfield. The land that this major development is to be sited was completely underwater in this flood. Contrary to all sensible planning rules, Kyogle Council is asking the NSW Government to approve this development.

Not only is the site flood prone, there are other planning criteria that this development fails to consider or address adequately. Visual amenity for Highfield residents and visitors will be impaired. The site is prime agricultural land and should fall under the protection of the NSW Farmland Protection Project.

Other sites have been identified in previous Council planning documents. Lets put pressure on Council, the NSW Government and our political representatives to make sure this development is not allowed to proceed on this site. Consider writing to Frank Sartor to request that this type of development is located elsewhere.

Eric Kaiser


Still battling racism

I had to write about the recent claims of racism on the Australian cricket turf. I think in every nation there is an element of racism. Ricky Ponting was required by the ICC rules to report the incident involving Andrew Symonds and Habajahn Singh, and yet has been blasted by the media and public for it. The Brad Hogg incident is still under investigation. What is needed is for all people of the world to learn about another countrys culture.

My family personally has experienced racism. My late mother, whose ancestry was English/African American, experienced it first hand when she was called a black b*#!h to her face. Many years later I was involved in a fight with a kid who called my mother a black Abo to my face (I won the fight!) and years after that my middle sister whilst out shopping was told by a group of youths to go home and paint her face with white stripes. I like to think that a lot of us now live in enlightened times where people are accepted for their differences but many people are still suffering racism on a daily basis even in Australia. Over the years I have experienced many people wanting to genuinely know my family origins as they have wanted to know where I got my beautiful colour skin. I wish all people could be like this throughout the world. It can be done if people try.

Helen Coyle

South Lismore

Break-in anger

An open letter to the creatures who broke into my unit and trashed the place, covering my carpet with masses of paper, mixed with all my throw-outs and peppered with my jewellery, spectacles, keys, gem clips, beads, buttons, pens and sundry bric-a-brac, thereby destroying my security and my faith in the decency of the people of this country, apart from giving me an enormous task in restoring some semblance of order, which in my late years will take much time, all of which I begrudge.

You poor, poor, lost, impoverished souls. Are these the heights to which you aspire: to throw peoples belongings around? Was this the pinnacle of your holiday enjoyment? When I remember all the exciting and fascinating things there were to do during my holidays, I pity you. Are your lives so empty that you should find spending the day emptying everything you can find on the floor enjoyable? What poverty of mind and spirit! What do you intend to become when, and if, you grow up? Some sort of scum on the fringes of society? Claiming that youre hard done by? Maintaining that someone (who? not even you know) owes you what? Does society owe people like you anything? If you had any more brains, you would be a half-wit. Crawl into your hole, you miserable creatures and ask the universe to forgive you. Worm your way outside your apple. If you could but dream big, you might become big.

Laura Henkel


A Christian challenge

To the three worldly wise men, Jim Lee, B. Parker and Lee Andresen (Echo, January 4).

I only know my God: He lives, and Hes real! However, knowing God isnt everything; its the only thing! But before you cry fanaticism, even the Saviour said, And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent (John 17:3, KJV). Even the apostle Paul considered everything else to be dung; and that just about sums up what I think of your vain philosophies and empty words of deceit.

Since you guys think Christianity is so wrong, I challenge you to live a perfect, sinless Christian life for just 30 days. And when you fail as I know you will instead of throwing your arms up in the air exclaiming, This is bulls**t; know therefore and understand that the genuine Christian life is only lived by the grace and power of Jesus Christ living in our hearts, empowering us to live His life. (My God is still working miracles, and the greatest miracle B. Parker will ever witness is not in some Harry Potter novel, but in the miracle of a truly converted life!)

Yall think about that now; and let all the people say, Amen.

G Hagen

Manifold Ministries


Wild claims

So John Hannaford accuses me of making wild claims in his letter published January 10?

Interesting... considering he goes on to makefive pretty wild ones of his own, which he then arbitrarily labels independent historical facts in a smokescreen subterfuge.

Whose facts John?

Having studied a bit of forensic science myself, I have leaned that in the case of a missing body, its probably wisenot to leap to the assumption a resurrectionhas taken place for a start!

I eagerly await Johnslist ofthoseresurrectional events accepted by even the most critical of recent scholarship. Does Tom Harpurbelieve them? Hes a most critical scholar, and apriest.

A little like D. McPhersons plan for science teachers to teach evolution and creationism. She insists these beliefs should always be taught by people who believe them. I think she just might have some trouble finding enough science teachers who fulfill this criteria to actually staff all NSW schools, let alone the rest of Australias places of learning.

Still, Roy Waters apparently believes that if something is copied enough times, it automatically makes it fact.

Can any one of you tell me why is it so difficult for religions to run their classes after school hours, or at weekends, in their own church properties for those who wishtheir children indoctrinated?

Whatever happened to Sunday school?

B. Parker


Critical study critical for kids

Space forbids responding to five letters from one Echo (January 10) Ill try two.

John Hannafords challenge fails. It wrongly assumes non-believers need evidence to justify remaining sceptical. Those who ask the sceptic to believe something supernatural are obliged to produce their evidence for invisible worlds, not the other way round.

Literal interpretations of Jesus resurrection are sheer heresy. This inspirational myth is a liturgical promise of the indestructibility of the human spirit. We only diminish its meaning by miraculising it.

D. McPherson manages to scandalously misrepresent me. I welcome the teaching of Christianity (and other religions) in schools. The suggestion that I fear it is offensive.

Teach religion but as the system requires, in religion classes, by qualified people. Not imposed on the unwilling, by unauthorised people, at a lunchtime circus, sponsored by remote, mysterious, immensely wealthy sects.

Teach every subject critically. But teaching English critically doesnt mean studying German or Indonesian in English classes. It means studying the contested nature of the various forms within English itself, not its superiority over other languages.

Critically analyse science its full of exciting things that are contested and unresolved. Let every child learn how scientists debate scientific questions.

Creationism isnt science but it also needs critical analysis, together with (Un) Intelligent Design. Theyre religious propositions, so study them in religion classes.

Regrettably, schools arent allowed to critically study different beliefs. Students may only study the religion they (or their parents) profess. Possibly because the Department fears critical religion might end in violence?

After all, if your God is the supreme one, all others must be lesser. Every time believers in the lesser God practice their precepts, they deny the complete truth of your God. So youre obliged to fight against them, arent you?

Religion, unavoidably, represents war.

Lee Andresen

East Ballina

Be patient with those who are different

You know the drunks and druggos you see on the street... the ones you see staggering across the road while you wait even though you are in a hurry to get to your destination. The ones fumbling in their purse or wallet while you stand patiently in line at the checkout waiting to be served. You know the people Im talking about! The ones who stand right in the middle of the footpath and look around in a daze seeming lost and confused and the ones that bump into you. Who slur and gabble their speech as the poor shop assistant patiently tries to understand what they are trying to say.

Yeah thats them. Now you know who Im talking about. You try and be patient but come on, enoughs enough. If they are going to behave like that then they should bloody well stay at home.

We should all band together and lobby to get them off our streets! Dont you think thats a good idea?

Well, I have a confession to make... Im one of them. Bit I am not a drunk. Thats right Im not. I am not a druggo either. Even though the above applies. I have multiple sclerosis.

Myself, just like many people, may act like were drunk or drugged out but were not. Were struggling to do normal things like normal people. MS is not the only disease that affects people like this. Parkinsons, diabetes attacks and many others also can effect peoples abilities to talk, walk and communicate.

So please next time you judge someone by the way they are acting please consider that they just may be really struggling to do what you take for granted. Im not being judgmental... I used to be one of you and I used to judge. Thats why I writing this letter because I dont want you to make the same mistake I made.

To my fellow peers. Please too be patient with those who, through ignorance, dont understand and act as though youre warped. I do believe most, if only they knew the truth, instead of standing in judgement would offer a hand to help lift the groceries off the counter or simply just be patient while you did whatever it is you are doing.

Together we are strong and we are the normal, we just do things different to others.

Louise Frare


A society steeped in inequality

The difference between chief executive pay and average pay has increased by a factor of 10 over the last 20 years. We have become politically more tolerant of inequality.

A stark reminder of this is the amount of single parents and young people recently displaced in the floods who were permanent residents in caravan parks and the acceptance and disregard of the permanent homeless on the streets.

I felt great sympathy for the Labor Treasurer and the immediate obstacles thrown in his path by the interest rate rise instigated by the banks. The look on his face said it all.

This is an international dilemma and has international roots. Executives of the Goldman Sachs Bank have just received $17 billion in Christmas bonuses. This makes the executives of all other banks envious and sets a sick standard of aspiration.

We live under a system that drives these bonuses higher and higher. Excessive payments made to boards and managers are often due to questionable economic performance.

The bonuses paid to corporate executives drives up the price of houses and real estate in the major capital cities of the world, eventually affecting us all.

As well you have the problem of wide scale legal tax evasion by corporations from the ability to have offshore companies and write-offs.

There are now proposals in Germany for capping managerial bonuses. Only international co-operation will result in the changes that we need in our economic system that is bleeding the planet and its people.

At the moment boards are dominated by people appointed by management who okay these questionable bonuses. Investors need to demand those who sit on boards represent them.

We all need to snap out of our brainwashed states and realise its not natural or sustainable to have such entrenched inequality. Its infinitely preferable to create a fair and just society than to live through the revolutions and crimes that always result from societies steeped in inequity.

Lynne Oldfield


A school worth talking about

I want to express my deepest feelings of gratitude and appreciation to the principal, teachers and office/other staff at Goonellabah Primary School (GPS).

When we came to the area two years ago with our younger daughter, then 10 years old, we enrolled her at GPS without hesitation, even though we had been advised against it by several different people (all of whom, I may add, had no direct experience of the school in the form of a child attending).

During the two years (Years 5 and 6) my daughter was at GPS, I saw her blossom and grow in all areas of her life. She calls her main teacher her second mother, and she has a huge group of friends comprising of children older and younger than herself, boys and girls, Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals. She has learned about respect, tolerance, and the value of getting on with others. GPS places a lot of emphasis on these values, and because the school has such a delightfully mixed bunch of kids, an appreciation of these values is naturally encouraged and honed in the playground.

She has learned to learn, and takes great pride in it. She has been in the choir, the choral group, the student parliament, the soccer and netball teams, the dancing troupe and the school band. She did all this at no extra expense to me. These activities have further enhanced her self-esteem and confidence, and they are enthusiastically offered to every student who is interested.

Whats more, all of the teachers we have had contact with have been encouraging, supportive and very dedicated.

It saddens me to realise that a section of our broader community clings to unfounded and definitely untrue rumours about GPS. Of course, like any school, or rather anywhere where people connect with each other, there is occasionally conflict and trouble. It cannot be avoided. Is it those tales of trouble which then take gigantic proportions and becomes all of GPS? I dont claim to know.

I have written this letter for two reasons:

1) I publicly want to thank the principal and staff for their outstanding work.

2) I want to play an active part in reversing the negative perceptions that persist, and say once and for all: it is a great and very special school. Come and see for yourselves.

Micky Foss


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