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Gardeners resolutions

Are you planning a diet? Giving up smoking? Resolving to get fitter? Although Christmas looms large, the spectre of New Years Resolutions hovers it wont be long before were all promising ourselves improvements of one sort or another.

Doubtless there are some perfect gardeners out there, but the rest of us could probably sharpen up our acts. Heres a list of good intentions to choose from!

I will take better care of my garden tools. I will clean them after every use, apply preservative oil to wooden handles, sharpen all cutting blades (secateurs, saws, spades.) and ensure that machinery is working at peak efficiency.

I will be tidier. I will put my tools away every time, coil up hoses and throw out old pots and punnets. I will get rid of piles of prunings, spare pavers and bits of wood because, no, it will not come in handy one day!

I will control all weeds and pests, both for my own benefit and that of neighbours. No fruit fly will find refuge in my garden, and no privet will be suffered to fruit at will.

I will water my garden wisely. I will invest in weeping hoses and dripper systems that use water economically, apply deep mulches, recycle grey water where possible, and strictly abide by water restrictions.

I will not be tempted. I will ignore all those desirable plants in the catalogues that need a cool climate or dry summers. I will stick to plants that I know will do well in my conditions.

I will do it now. No more procrastinating; if that branch is in the way, it comes off today; if the shed needs cleaning out, now is the time.

A happy festive season to all readers, and a prosperous (and Resolute!) New Year.

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