StarGazing with Lillith

In the slam-bam welter of celebratory arrangements its time again to send a big aloha and thanks to Echo readers for their ever generous appreciation, and wish you a luscious and loving, healthy and heart felt, fabulous and funny, safe and spunky holiday season

ARIES: With only seven more sleeps to the X-event, and the season of unreason escalating to a mind-numbing last minute rush, youll have to be inexhaustibly resourceful finding ways to stay user-friendly this week.Do your best and may you be rewarded with absolutely supercalifragilisticexpealidocious gifts and festivities

TAURUS: A volatile, exasperating, patience-tester of a week but life would be so much less interesting without its colourful characters, their mad antics make great stories. May the seasonal smorgasbord have all your favourite ingredients for a wonderful wallow.

GEMINI: Felicitous synchronicities and happy accidents are on the pre-Xmas star cards, along with the other kind you dont want to know about.So take care in traffic, keep your mind on what youre doing rather than a dozen other things, try not to triple book and may your holiday cocktail be a real heart sparkler

CANCER: Deal with this weeks contingencies by sticking to what youre good at and what you know works aim what doesnt in the forget it basket. Refuse to listen to all unconstructive criticism, your own included. Then put your deadlines on standby, pull the plug on your worries and blast off.

LEO: Tuning into subtle, even not so subtle, hints others are giving could make this weeks gift shopping a whole lot quicker and more effective. Outlook and attitude are everything right now so lavish the annual time out with your inimitable flair, while soaking up the love of those closest and the admiration of strangers

VIRGO: Who knows why periods of seasonal celebration should be so strangely stressful?But only as stressful as you make them, so keep smiling.Dont buckle under the tyranny of little things. Or knock back offers of help.May you relax to the max and be blessed with your own personal version of the perfect holidays.

LIBRA: Some things wont go the way you thought they would this week, but who knows they might be even better. Whatever, turn the unexpected to your advantage as only a Libran can.Blow yourself a kiss in the mirror when you pass it.Have extreme fun.

SCORPIO: This is a time of complex emotions, when joys and disappointments seem magnified. While some folk are obnoxious and abrasive, others will be selfless and helpful, so focus on those. Stick with light hearted people and feel-good activities and have a sunny, sultry, big loving, loud laughing silly season.

SAGITTARIUS: Assumptions could make unnecessary problems this week hearsay isnt fact, so check before acting on it.Listen to your intuition, weigh up the validity of other peoples advice before taking it on.And savour the holy holiday, the sacred escape from everyday life, no matter how brief.

CAPRICORN: Material reality seems all pervasive right now but still, dont get bogged down in appearances. Everythings actually quite plastic, in that words original meaning of easily moulded: working it into the shape you want wont be hard. Sincere wishes for a bountiful, indulgent, hooves-up holiday.

AQUARIUS: Present circumstances require your prophetic Aquarian gift of calculating whats likely to happen down the track and preparing for it, ie. smart planning as well as spontaneous ad libbing. May your seasonal celebrations be soul-reviving, outrageously optimistic and delightfully different.

PISCES: If festive plans hit snags or start veering towards difficult, time consuming or tension producing, thats your cue to let go. Dont overload yourself with unnecessary complications or other peoples angst. Wishing you your dream holiday season, whatever it may be.

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