S Sense

Hello. Here it comes the hard sell.

Im not talking politics here (because everyone else is) but business. Making a buck. Being a mover in the world of finance. Move over community, here comes the bottom line. And I wanna belong.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ChangeS: Making S Sense of a changing life by S Sorrensen.

This quality book contains the very best of the cultish S Sense columns published weekly in this worthy newspaper over the last two years.

Thats right folks, in a masterful business tactic you can now pay for columns that were free every week in your community newspaper! How profit-driven and cool is that? Very.

Buy one for friends to celebrate the glory of Christs birth. (He didnt really chuck the moneylenders out, you know. He formed a church with them.)

Buy one for yourself so you can gain helpful insights into Ss life, obsessions and drinking habits.

Reflect on bygone days when the Howard Government (remember them?) sent us to bomb Arabs, signed us up for nuclear waste, accelerated climate change and poked babies with sticks.

Laugh at others foibles.

And if youre interested in far off places, travel with S as he explores with pith helmet and laptop, exotic places like Nimbin, Hanoi and Phnom Penh.

Not since his last book The Essential S Sense: Diary of a changing world published two years ago has such a perfect gift somehow manifested itself just before the greatest spending spree of the year Christmas.

To give friends and loved ones a taste of the North Coast, give them a copy of ChangeS: Making S Sense of a changing life.

And how much would you expect to pay for this literary masterpiece? $10? $15? No, you can purchase this ultimate Chrissie pressie for only $20 (or $22 if ya wanna be conned into a carbon levy).

Therell be a book launch with drinks and nibblies and special stuff at Caddies Coffee Shop in Carrington Street, Lismore, on Thursday, December 13, at 6pm, where purchased books can be signed by the author.

To order a book phone S on 0427 337 057 or email him at ssorrensen@hotmail.com.

Buy, buy.

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