StarGazing with Lillith

As this weeks windswept and interesting birthday person Billy Connolly notes: Theres no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes a sensible working metaphor for this week, when changing what you can makes what you cant change bearable.

ARIES: If your efforts get a luke-warm response this week dont go The Red Sulk. Lighten up. Be smart.Figure out how to make the situation work for you. And if you have to make waves, make those waves of change as positive as you can for everyone involved.

TAURUS: If expressing your truth upsets others, that only boomerangs back to upset you, so its worth considering how youd want the same thing said to you ideally from the saddhus viewpoint that other people are none other than yourself with a different name and form.

GEMINI: If youre aiming to upgrade present conditions, you observers of group dynamics will have noted that right now people dont want to be locked into anything. Youll have to provide believable exit clauses and attractive prospects backed by solid facts.A demanding week.

CANCER:This fiery week applies high pressure and needs careful negotiating you may have to concede less important issues so you can stand firm on what you care most about. The good news is that calm determination, your best friend at present, will help you through.

LEO: Leos usually distrust all authority but their own others may feel the same this week and (shock horror) ignore yours.With the Sun in a fellow fire sign, youre hot but whether stirring the pot, closing a deal or on the war path, aim for being sensitive as well as effective.

VIRGO: People will talk big this week, but all information needs checking it wouldnt be wise to rely on follow through either. If others seem tremendously inconsistent, pointing this out will only be wasted breath let them do their own thing and you do yours.

LIBRA: Youre presently in a major creative phase with Venus busy behind the scenes furthering your personal and professional progress though favouring friends in business wont necessarily be your smartest move. Dont let social insensitivities spoil this weeks astronomical fun factor.

SCORPIO: If this week lights your romantic fires but puts others more in the mood for independence than togetherness, then enjoy your friends theyre better value right now. Handle over the top emotions via the tried and true KISS system: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. Real simple.

SAGITTARIUS: My mother groaned, my father wept, Into the dangerous world I leapt, wrote this weeks birthday Sagittarian William Blake. Exuberance is beauty he also wrote, and both quotes poetically describe your present energy may it bring you the success you deserve.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns tend to be thorough, hard working and reliable. If others arent inclined to value those qualities with financial recognition right now its their loss, because this weeks circumstances are changing far too fast for you to lose any sleep over it.

AQUARIUS:This weeks people are walking paradoxes (bit like Aquarians). Its hard to tell whether theyre serious, joking, just plain nuts or stirring you up for the fun of it.Being an Aquarian youll fortunately be able to see the funny side of this sooner rather than later.

PISCES: Wooing, so tiring wrote this weeks birthday wit Nancy Mitford and if the up close and personal departments in disarray, just leave it be.Do nurturing, nourishing things and be very non confrontational until Mars and Venus are on better terms.

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