One voice for Plateaus business community

The Alstonville/Wollongbar Plateau business community will soon be speaking with a unified voice when its Chamber of Commerce gets up and running next month.

According to steering committee member Rik Dillon, the new Chamber has been in the pipeline for a long while, gathered momentum, until finally someone decided now is the time.

He said local business people often saw the need for things to be rectified, such as road upgrades and signage and the Chamber would provide a unified voice for the business community to express these concerns.

Were worried that the focus is down in Ballina and we want to get this area recognised, Mr Dillon said.

An initial meeting, held in February, to discover whether there was sufficient interest to form a chamber, had a much higher than expected turnout of more than 40 local business representatives keen to set up the chamber.

From there, a steering committee formed which has met several times to nut out the process needed to form the Chamber.

A second meeting consolidated the decision to form an autonomous committee rather than joining an already existing chamber such as Ballinas Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Dillon said they have had strong support from the business community and also from Ballina Council which has attended both meetings.

The next meeting, to be held on April 24, is intended to be chambers inaugural meeting where Chamber positions will be opened up for nominations.

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