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Hot Fuzz

Written and directed by Edgar Wright

One of my favourtie films is the Shaun of the Dead, a hilarious homage to the zombie horror genre. So when I heard there was a new film out from its creators, I was ecstatic.

This time director Edgar Wright and star Simon Pegg have tackled the police action genre and the result is the smash hit Hot Fuzz.

Simon Pegg stars as Police Constable Nicholas Angel. He takes his job very seriously and hes good at it, he makes everyone else at the Met look bad. As a result he finds himself working in the idyllic West Country village of Sandford, the prettiest village in Britain.

Here, instead of chasing criminals, Angel gets to chase runaway swans and busting underage drinkers at the local pub is about as exciting as it gets. His new partner, Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) is keen enough, if a little dozy, and freely admits he only became a copper because his dad (Jim Broadbent) is the village chief of police.

But is Sandford as idyllic as it appears? Is there evil lurking beneath the surface or just bad drains? When villagers begin dying in grisly accidents only Angel suspects foul play and even he has no idea how deep the rot goes.

So, how to describe Hot Fuzz

It begins like an episode of The Bill (only funnier), morphs into Midsummer Murders on crack, takes a creepy slide into The Wicker Man, before a finale that will totally blow you away!

And speaking of the Wicker Man (a definite must-see movie!), that films star, Edward Woodward, plays the head of Sandfords local neighbourhood watch. And hes just one of a host of British actors and comedians salivating at the chance to appear in Hot Fuzz. Former Bond star Timothy Dalton has a major role along with Bill Nighy, Billie Whitelaw, Steve Coogan, Lucy Punch, Paddy Considine, Paul Freeman, Martin Freeman, Anne Reid and Stuart Wilson.

I loved this movie, its funny, scary and action-packed. Its really cleverly written and the comedy is often very subtle, you have to listen carefully to catch all the jokes.

I cant wait for Edgar Wright and Simon Peggs next collaboration.

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