StarGazing with Lillith

ARIES: Your charismatic leadership qualities are pumping, but this is the week Hitler (an Aries) proclaimed the Third Reich, so keeping bossy-boots tendencies on a short leash is strongly advised.Stay cooperative, courteous and considerate even in the face of provoking behaviour.

TAURUS: People are exasperatingly indecisive this week, and even your sensible self could get overwhelmed by too many choices and alternatives. Rather than trying to decide between them, do what you do best go back to basics and take it from there.

GEMINI: In your enthusiasm to make progress this week, it wont be in your best interests to ignore warning bells, those sure signs of impending trouble up ahead.Deal with danger signals like resistance or resentment openly, honestly and resolutely.

CANCER: Even if peoples demands seem quite unreasonable this week, theyre still likely to be surprisingly amenable to your telling them so.And quite okay with your saying no, so long as youre able to explain why and offer them workable alternatives.

LEO: This weeks people are sensitive as the ecology and stressy as petrol prices but enough about them. With Venus in flamboyant Aries, present flamenco steps are sultry, steamy, a little stormy, passionate, dramatic and, in a trial-by-fire sort of way, extremely healing.

VIRGO: Self-fulfilling prophecies are basically just strong expectations.What you dwell on inevitably seems to happen, so sharing your dreams with others this week will bring precisely the information or offer of assistance you need for your next step.

LIBRA: This week bombards you with a formidable diversity of intellectual, emotional, physical and intuitive information. If choice is confusing and it will be select the most user-friendly, and if thats not working, you already know the appropriate word: Next!

SCORPIO: Beware the Ides of March, warned Julius Caesars astrologers, but did he listen?Or to his wife either?Since the Ides of March are upon us, ask yourself is there any message youre currently ignoring that it would be in your best interests to hear.

SAGITTARIUS: Some astrologers call this the Week Of The Great Leap Forward, and it does rip open the cosmic velcro to reveal unacknowledged needs that need owning, accepting and addressing which will clear the way for your next great quantum leap forward.

CAPRICORN:Emotions have their own mad logic this week, which is one of the years most magical if you can think outside your usual routine and take time out to tune into it.Follow your natural curiosity and instincts rather than sticking to a structured plan.

AQUARIUS: During this week in 1781 your ruling planet Uranus was discovered. Blind Freddie could predict the reaction youd get from telling people its the birthday of Uranus but still, a wee celebrations in order dont you think?Exciting new horizons beckon and your stars say go for it.

PISCES: According to Einstein, this weeks Piscean birthday genius: If A is success in life, then A equals X plus Y plus Z. Work is X; Y is play; and Z is keeping your mouth shut. What can I say but that its probably all the advice you need.

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