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Wild Hogs

Directed by Walter Becker

Question! Which genius of an ideas guy came up with this guaranteed money maker? And no, Im not being sarcastic. Its brilliant! If a movie about four middle-aged friends who decide to take a road trip across America on their motorbikes doesnt appeal to every male out there who is going through a midlife crisis and whose favourite film for the last 40 years has been Easy Rider then call me crazy!!

This is every guys fantasy! Jumping on a Harley, your four best mates alongside, heading off into the sunset And whats more, this is America so you dont even have to wear a helmet! Not that I endorse this. Remember kids, helmets save lives!!

And imagine if those four best friends were John Travolta, Tim Allen, William H. Macy and Martin Lawrence!!

And best of all, unlike in Easy Rider no one dies! What a blast. Its nothing but laughter and good times. Its Wild Hogs!

John, Tim, William and Martin play Woody, Doug, Dudley, and Bobby.

Theyve been best buddies since college but those wild and crazy days are nothing but a distant hazy memory. Nowadays Doug (Tim Allen) is a bored dentist, Dudley (William H. Macy) is a computer geek who cant get a girlfriend and Bobby (Martin Lawrence) is a henpecked plumber. The only one supposedly living the dream is Woody (John Travolta).

Theyre in a rut and they know it. The solution? A roadtrip! Time to pull on the leathers, rev those engines and hit the tarmac.

What they werent expecting was a run-in with some real bikers, the Del Fuegos gang, led by the menacing Jack (Ray Liotta, doing what he does best).

Wild Hogs is pure Hollywood escapism so dont go expecting a masterpiece like Easy Rider or some scary Hells Angels doco. This is an adventure comedy with universal appeal so you dont have to be a wannabe biker to enjoy it. Unfortunately, like most road trips and even a lot of comedies, it starts off with a lot of promise and potential good times only to lose momentum at the end.

In fact it just gets too silly. but weve had fun along the way and thats what matters. And the guys are all great, especially William H. Macy and John Travolta. They alone are worth the admission price.

Enjoy the trip! Fun for all the family

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