Lismore Challenges new head

Lismore Challenges new General Manager Esther Murray

Esther Murray thinks the North Coast is the very best kept secret in the whole world.

In January the newly appointed general manager kissed the Melbourne rat race goodbye to assume her new role at Lismore Challenge Ltd, an organisation that provides disability support and employment services to the Northern Rivers community.

With two previous CEO roles under her belt, a background in nursing, mental health, disabilities, health administration and 20 years in the Northern Territory where she worked on two Aboriginal settlements, Esther has already proved she is more than able to handle anything Lismore Challenge throws at her.

Esther is excited about her new position with the organisation whose role is to provide a range of services which give people with disabilities a way to live independently and contribute to the community.

Its more about their ability than their disability said Esther.

One of her key roles will be to give Lismore Challenge a fresh new beginning to go forward into the next years, Esther said.

This new beginning involves a new name (currently in the pipeline) and a new constitution developed by the Board of Directors.

Originally a country girl herself, growing up in rural Ireland, Esther is appreciating being back in the country and the slower pace.

I was interested to bring the skills I developed in the city to the country said Esther. When I came here for the interview I thought this was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. When I met the people (I was to work with) I knew I had made the right choice.

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