StarGazing with Lillith

Best strategies for handling this week: Treat all delays as opportunities. Use setbacks as rest breaks. Find something to appreciate in everyone you meet. Have a great week

ARIES: Devoting yourself single-mindedly to one thing and blocking everything else out cant help but result in a one track personality. If personal dreams, postponed plans or adventurous enterprises tug at your attention this week, its time to follow their lead.

TAURUS: Direct questions wont necessarily get straightforward answers right now. If this seems frustratingly evasive, well, confusing ambiguities are this weeks flavour. The answer you want is right there inside you at a deeper level, where perhaps you havent looked.

GEMINI: Though present circumstances have been pressing your Getting Restless button leaning on it hard, in fact as Mercury moves out of retrograde, this weeks likely to come up with something delightful you hadnt anticipated to change your mind.

CANCER: Your instincts are sound this week so listen to your intuition even if it goes against what seems logical. And with people about to be more understanding and affectionate than they have been lately, a smart Crab wont be knocking back friendly overtures

LEO: The Sun in watery Pisces and Venus in fiery Aries gives this week a steamy emotional edge and interesting interpersonal possibilities. It could make you passionately creative, volcanically dramatic or draw you into heated scenes your choice.

VIRGO: Virgos have precise aesthetics which they project onto the world. This week you may have to realise yet again that this is your own internal picture which no-one else can provide for you. Your providing it for them could make this a wonderfully rewarding week.

LIBRA: During this not entirely drama free week, trying to do too many things is likely to confuse issues and throw arrangements into a twist. So cull commitments, keep things simple and bear in mind the old surfing mantra: If it swells, ride it...

SCORPIO: Harmonys number one item on the present agenda so downplay blame, niggling and arguing upgrade understanding and support. Make peace with your own and other peoples shortcomings, set definite goals and this weeks power surge will give you the assistance you need.

SAGITTARIUS: Some people might be having a cranky time during this passionate casserole of a week, but I dont see Sagittarians among them. Youre much more likely to be feeling splendiferously frisky, buoyant and bold right now due to Jupiters benific influence.

CAPRICORN: Reason and logic arent featuring prominently this week and emotions could go OTT. If you dont know the right questions to ask and we dont always being observant is the second smartest policy. This is the transit of amazing realisations.

AQUARIUS: No doubt about that red devil Mars, it does love to stir the pot and toss you right in. For various reasons, people wont react well to pressure or criticism this week which has a surprise or two up its sleeve a mixed bunch, but mostly pleasant.

PISCES: This weeks Piscean birthday genius Michelangelos an appropriate role model for translating your ideas into reality. Not by struggling to overcome the mundane, but by finding the sublime in it looking for the extraordinary in ordinary, everyday life.

Community groups rally for homeless

Community groups rally for homeless

Community groups rally for homeless at the Winsome

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Art recognises the memory

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Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

hygge is the Danish word for enjoying life's simple pleasures

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