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I wish politics would wipe its snotty nose, clean the slop from its lips, pull up its moral socks and GROW UP!

Politics has become so self-serving and so completely out of touch it makes me want to SCREAM!

When was the last time you heard an inspiring speech that came from an elected member of parliament? Something that contained vision; genuine concern for people? A speech that assumed that the people were more than a necessary irritation easily controlled with schoolyard scare tactics, bribes and cliched sound bytes?

(Im talking here more about state and federal politicians. There seems to be more genuine types in local government. Maybe because the pay is much less.)

There is a tone to the political voice. A certain rhythm that triggers a distrust deep in my guts; a certain tonal quality that is ingratiatingly condescending.

And lets get one thing straight like spoilt, self-obsessed children, politics lies. Through its cosmetically straightened teeth. In every situtaion. Truth is non-core.

It will lie so it can kill innocent people in foreign lands because its a greedy pig. It will lie so it can cover up cynical under-the-counter deals with a supposed enemy to secure a wheat deal, because its a greedy pig. It will lie so cars can keep killing our teenagers because politics is a paid puppet which gives greedy pigs a bad name.

Criminals are compromised dining with it.

Increasingly, politics is becoming dangerous. Its ability to differentiate between right and wrong has been replaced by a dodgy ability to differentiate between the politically expedient and not.

Politics prime objective is to get re-elected. To get re-elected it needs to sleep with powerful friends. And in an age where money is an aphrodisiac, big business will screw you good.

Politics didnt want to know about global warming it interferes with the global economy the wholesale exploitation of resources and people.

It now has to sound like it accepts the reality of climate change. It will reluctantly talk the talk, but the walk will be to a different drummer.

Dont expect a government to care one jot about your childrens or grandchildrens future. Profit and power are short term ventures.

Politics is cunning, but as thick as a Bexhill brick. Its blind stupidity now threatens me and my family. And I dont like it.

Im angry at the those who are subsidised to poison my childrens air or water and then prattle on about economic benefits. Im angry at those human dregs who kill in my name using a lie to justify bombing for oil. Im angry at so-called Christians who support such sin.

Okay, Im just bloody angry. (Probably at myself.) But the hypocrisy, the inanity, the dangerous sociopathic neglect by government in a struggling world that is crying out for urgent and clear thinking (leadership even) for the survival of its citizens, can no longer be indulged.

The Emporer is naked and is a greedy pig. Lets eat bacon.

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