Greens open Lismore office

Greens candidate for Lismore, Andy Gough, (pictured) opened his campaign office in Magellan Street last week and launched a drive for the state election focused on climate change and the energy policies he says are needed to save the planet from global warming.

We need Greens elected to the state parliament to make sure action is taken on polluting energy sources like coal, he said. Neither the ALP or the Coalition will act on coal their so-called clean coal is unproven technology and at least ten years away. That means 10 more years of doing nothing to stop climate change.

The Greens claim to have the nations most effective energy policies, and in Lismore the party has put its money where its mouth is by signing up for Country Energys 100 per cent green energy option. He said a Rainbow Power Company renewable energy display in The Greens office at 65 Magellan Street shows the technology is sound. It just needs promotion to compete with fossil energy.

And The Greens campaign this year is not just a load of hot air. Mr Gough said electoral boundary changes on the Northern Rivers should deliver them 20 per cent of the vote, even without a swing in their favour.

Were looking forward to a good run in the Northern Rivers and we think theres a real chance of getting some Greens into the lower house, Mr Gough said. We already have three in the upper house and were running a full ticket of 21, including local councillor, Vanessa Ekins.

Mr Gough said that in the absence of government action, the business sector had an important role to play in bringing renewable energy online.

Confidence in renewable technologies will be boosted by interest from the business sector, and the public is ready and eager to give their support, he said. As more people turn to green power, we will need more renewable power sources, so theres an opportunity for businesses to install solar on their roofs and feed power into the grid. That means more jobs manufacturing and installing components like solar panels and regulators its got to be good for business.

More information is available at or on 6622 4186.

Disclosure Andy Gough is employed part-time at The Northern Rivers Echo as a graphic artist.

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