Taking issue, talking sense

Do you have a question you want to ask candidates for the upcoming state election? Do you need to know a candidates position on a burning issue close to your heart?

Our elected members of parliament are there to serve our interests but do you know what their interests are?

Next Thursday night, March 15, The Echo presents Meet The Candidates, a forum where all the candidates for the Lismore electorate will be present and will give us their views on issues like climate change, education, health and transport.

But these aspiring politicians wont be running the show. You will.

With S Sorrensen facilitating the forum, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates and get answers that will help them make an informed choice when it comes to making their mark on that ballot paper with that little pencil.

Democracy is about the people and our representatives must work for us. Take charge. This is an opportunity to see and hear our potential representatives to find out what sort of people they really are.

Candidates for the seat of Lismore are incumbent MP Thomas George (Nationals), Peter Lanyon (Country Labor), Julia Melland (Democrats) and Andy Gough (Greens).

Find out what you need to know and meet your candidates at the Star Court Theatre in Lismore next Thursday, March 15, from 6.30pm.

This is civilised democracy in action. So its free and everyone is welcome. And the bar will be open from 6pm.

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