ABCs ambidextrous bias

ABCs ambidextrous bias

So, we now have former ABC journalist Maxine McKew running for Labor and former ABC journalist Pru Goward running for the Liberals. What more proof do we need that the ABC had a left/right leaning agenda.

John McPherson

East Lismore

You want nuclear? Then live with it

Someone suggested that I write a proposition regarding the nuclear industrys recent acquisition: Australia. There should be no fence sitting on this issue. Simply enter your name and address, say I want to be involved with fissile materials, or I do not want to be involved with fissile materials. Then we allow, well, force, the folks who want our future destruction guaranteed to live closer to theses nuclear installations and those who dont want to live on the properties farther removed, though we understand we will still be affected by the insane and the power hungry. I wonder how many people would actually put their childrens and their own bodies where their mouths are.

Sure its nice to sit on a fence, but every fence eventually decomposes. We are told we can maintain fences to protect ourselves from these cancer causing materials for tens of thousands of years, while our history proves that no civilisation has been able to do this as yet.

The bottom line, we are told, is that we cant afford to repair the damage we have already done to our environment, that the economy is more important than our future. I observe psychotic humans argue while greedy humans do whatever they like.

Sure, we have a few token James Hardies to prove that non living entities can be held accountable. These abhorrent and semi accountable entities have more rights than unborn children. And legally do not have to pay their debts to ordinary living beings. I could go on forever. Now I prophesise, I truly fear to tell you what is actually about to happen to the sickest species on our earth.

Keith A Stone

North Lismore

Bite the bullet and vote Green

It appears the Lismore electorate has missed out on the NSW Governments latest round of dentist allocations.

The government has recruited 29 additional public dentists because of a national shortage of graduates in the field. New dentists have been designated to centres in Sydney and other various locations around the state.

But the Member for Lismore, Thomas George, says he cannot understand why this area has been left out. Is it because he has no voice in the parliament, and is not on top of health priorities for the Northern Rivers region?

Perhaps this is why Lismore City Council decided they needed to act to fluoridate the water supply to improve dental health locally.

Improved funding for health care is essential to this region. The Greens platform emphasises preventative health care, government funding for dental care, affordability and access, and training more health practitioners.

The health impacts of social issues such as poverty, housing, workplace conditions, access to public transport and the boredom of unemployment must be recognised.

Illnesses caused or aggravated by air, noise and water pollution must be countered with determined and vigorous government action to address the environmental causes.

If the Nationals cannot adequately provide this region with adequate health resources, then we should replace Thomas George as our representative in Macquarie Street on March 24.

Andy Gough

Greens candidate for Lismore

Have a nice meltdown

Mr Howard should stop thinking so hard about where to build our new nuclear reactor, its obvious that no-one wants it in their own backyard, or electorate.

Simply pick a large dusty, dry area sparsely populated with sheep and establish a purpose-built city around it; somewhat like we did with Canberra.

There could be design competitions (re Canberra) and hopefully a naming competition for this new town, in which I would like to offer both a namethat I feelwould resonate throughout Australia (Springfield) and nominate probably the most qualified person to run our reactor (Montgomery Burns )

Steve Weatherburn


Water theory

In response to Mr Richs letter (Echo, February 22), in our private lives we are concerned about water and global warming are we not? Local and global alike.

Mr Rich represents not only Emigrant Creek catchment residents in Ballina Council but is a representative for the Shire on the Rous Water board. Hes a known protector of botanical species and is, I understand, one of the eminent persons of Big Scrub Landcare. A man well placed and well qualified to be a protector of our environmental concerns.

In theory.

Yet over the past two years our environmental guardian remained steadfastly aloof during the RTAs motorway proposals where routes were to make a direct assault on that pivotal natural resource of the shire drinking water. In neither of his representative roles has he been proactive to safeguard these widely held private concerns. There has been no outcry, no support only disinterest.

The T2E motorway can only adversely impact the drinking water of this catchment and the red soils of the Big Scrub therein. The catchments future more bitumen roads, more erosion, less trees is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

People who live in the catchment and those served by it (i.e. water drinkers in Ballina Shire) must regret that a man so well placed and well qualified to be protector of our environmental concerns, was so, only in theory.

Fay Bogg

Secretary, Waterdrinkers & Watercatchers of Ballina Shire Inc.

Highway observations

It is with some irritation that I find myself having to once again censure the prosaic media misadventures of Cr Alan Rich (Echo, February 22).

Adjectives like nasty, boring and tedious are tenders that no-one who knows Ian Cooke well would ever attach to his character. For the public record and as a friend and admirer of Ian Cooke, I would like to offer my own observations. Given his terribly adverse circumstances (a proposed motorway through his front yard and clean through the catchment of Emigrant Creek), Ian Cooke remains an affable, genuine, loyal and generous spirited individual. He has one great detraction however he has the tenacity of a terrier and depending on ones position, this is either an admirable virtue or a source of fear and loathing. Ian Cooke wants public answers to simple public questions and so far he hasnt got them. I should not have to remind Alan Rich that he is an elected public servant and Ian Cooke is a constituent and is therefore perfectly entitled to ask those who are supposed to represent the communitys best interests to explain their actions. The servant component is important, councillor. Thats precisely what you are.

Ballina Shire Council did absolutely nothing to support the residents of the plateau in their fight against the motorway in spite of the fact that it was clearly by far the most socially disruptive and the most environmentally destructive option. Why?

Since the announcement of the preferred route, water quality and water management have become absolute priority issues with the media, the public and the government taking a keen interest. Councillor Silver and Councillor Rich are the chair and vice chair respectively of Rous Water, yet they chose not to heed advice from senior Rous Water management that recommended absolutely no motorway anywhere in this vital catchment. Why?

There is a radically increasing likelihood Crs Rich and Silver will eventually be issued with an official please explain. Their answers should make for entertaining reading.

Keep digging, Ian.

Mike Burless


Rental affordability questioned

In response to your front-page item regarding the rental crisis. I note that Ms De La Mare, property manager for Lismores largest rental agency, Wal Murray & Co First National Real Estate, encourages those of us on low incomes not to apply for rentals out of reach or more than one third of our net income.

Its my understanding that our region has a very high percentage of low income residents, many of whom are on Centrelink benefits.

As a recipient of a disability pension myself, I receive minimally higher Centrelink income than those on the dole or Austudy. My income is around $600 a fortnight, and includes the maximum amount of rental assistance available.

According to Ms De La Mare, I should not pay more than $200p/f in rent. I pay $260p/f in rent for a one bedroom granny flat, an amount the landlord determined from the prevailing market rents a few years ago.

Ive kept my eye out for a flat at the $200 mark (a third of my net income) for some time. To date not much is around. There are single rooms in town for those who want to share, a situation that often leads to having to move constantly.

Alternatively, there are sheds/huts/cabins out of town that require sufficient income to maintain a reliable vehicle. Consequently, it would appear that there are no suitable rental properties on the market for the many low-income residents like me to avoid the out of reach rentals the property manager of Lismores largest rental agency suggests.

Perhaps its time for Wal Murray First National to take the lead and lay down some guidelines whereby those in the privileged position to be landholders and rent collectors show some genuine regard for those in less fortunate positions.

This land was made for you and me!

Name and address supplied

Ownership of human remains

Preachers of the global warming gospel have encountered heresy, perhaps their nemesis.

Luddites of the London Museum of Natural History are demanding their right, in the name of science, to DNA test skulls of Tasmanian Aborigines.

There is a long standing theory that there is in the world, a race of people, of whom a remnant survive, related to Tasmanian Aborigines. They are people from the southern tip of South America. When Antarctica was a tropical country, some are believed to have island-hopped across to Tasmania.

There are, in Antarctica, fossilised palm trees, and also large reserves of brown coal, in which it is possible to make out once giant trees. Frozen mammoths, with green grass in their mouths, are found in Siberia. Were they snap frozen? Did the poles relocate, in hours, perhaps minutes, can it happen again?

British lawyers are going down a dangerous road in dabbling with ownership of human remains. There is no property in a body, living or dead. A human being cannot be subject of ownership.

Eddie Burns


omething to think about

Richard and Wendy Friars documentary Think about it, had a pre-release screening on February 24, with a charge of $25 per person. Pre-publicity for this film boasted that it will enlighten its audience with the absolute truth about everything, that David Gulpilil had a big role in this film, presenting an indigenous perspective on peace and healing and that the screening would also feature live indigenous entertainment.

I was not enlightened, I personally missed the message you and your wife were trying to put across. The only truth this film presented was about the real reason behind the war on Iraq, which I knew about. Did I get the big picture? No! Will this film bring world peace? Definitely not! Will this film bring reconciliation between Indigenous and white Australians? The answer is no! Did I get the absolute truth, as presented in the newspaper article? No! Will this film bring cultural and social changes throughout the world? No! Did David Gulpilil present an indigenous perspective on peace and healing? No! Was there live indigenous entertainment? Not in the way I expected.

Richard, before the film started you did tell us all that the film needed some final touches made to it and that part was the truth. But as far as the other claims they were far, far away from the truth. Worst of all is how you involved one of Australias most famous indigenous actors and lobbyists of reconciliation into believing this film would unite us all.

I for one am very disappointed that this film did not represent that at all. No wonder David only made a very short and quiet appearance. Richard, when the film malfunctioned for the second time during the screening towards the last 10 minutes you were asked what the message was. I am still waiting to hear it, please enlighten me! I would like at least $15 of my money back please!

D. Bromley


Politicians not caring

People often say that John Howard and Bob Carr have been good economic managers. I think if anyone ignored the quality of life and rights of ordinary working people, the health of the environment and the need for clean air and water they would achieve the same results.

Hey, Ive got plenty of money in the bank, doing really well, thats the main thing. Sure the kids are looking a little thin but they really dont need to eat that much. I guess theyve been a bit sick lately but I cant afford the doctor. No point in spoiling them. Yes, they kicked up a stink when I sold their TV and video but it was bad for them. I just told them if they didnt shut up, Id lock them in the cupboard and that settled them down.

When I told them how much weve got in the bank they seemed happy and I really scared some sense into them when I said the bogey man would get them if they didnt behave. Things are good now. Mind you if those funny-looking kids from next door get in my yard again, Ill lock them in the basement and throw away the key.

If we treated our kids the way the politicians have treated us, theyd be taken off us by community services. We need politicians who care about our health, well being and rights and whether we have clean air and water. When what they care about is getting political donations from coal, oil and forestry industries so they can stay in power, they are not caring for us, our children or for that matter, their own.

Beth Shelley


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