StarGazing with Lillith

This is one of those trying weeks where things get mislaid, lost or just downright disappear, so make sure you have everything you need before you leave the house, office, restaurant, supermarket or car. Double check information and arrangements as well

ARIES: Aries strong capable image tends to obscure your sensitivity. But you need acknowledgment and appreciation as much as anyone, so rather than feel upset if you dont get it, ask for whatever it is you truly, madly, deeply want this week.

TAURUS: The recent TV screening of The Secret showed how our thoughts influence our results. Youre your own reality master so no matter how youre feeling this week, keep focussing on a clear image of what you want to accomplish then watch what happens.

GEMINI: Misinformations rife this week, and its important to get your facts right. If you think someones not giving you the full picture they probably arent but they may not know it. In another two weeks it will all be sorted and youll have moved on

CANCER: Missed messages, mixed signals and misunderstandings dont make this a good time for business moves. Or saying yes just to relieve the pressure of someone hassling you you wouldnt normally let impatience get the better of commonsense, so why do it this week?

LEO: Trying to be logical and disciplined is a big ask right now. It would be easy to jump to conclusions, make assumptions and act on them but not recommended, because as this weeks birthday poet Longfellow cautioned: Things are not what they seem

VIRGO: Others may handle stress quite differently than you do, so they need to be handled in a different way as well. Try complimenting people for anything they might be doing right because cataloguing their faults could produce eruptive results this week.

LIBRA: This weeks Venus is foot-stamping, head-tossing, nostril-flaring, door slamming and full of tempestuous antics which should entertain you no end if you simply appreciate them for their artistic merits. On no account get caught up in other peoples dramas.

SCORPIO: This week needs you being Scorpio Charming because everyones longing for some lightness, ease, co-operation and understanding. Too much pressure will send them fleeing from anyone causing emotional stress, and would you want that to be you?

SAGITTARIUS: This weeks dance is likely to be the one step forward/two steps back tango. Never your favourite, but the upside of going over the same ground at the moment means youll get it right sooner rather than having to backtrack and rejig it later.

CAPRICORN: Feeeeeelings everyone has them and this week youll hear about them in all their gloriously inconsistent, demanding, tumultuous confusion. Even if youre thinking What the?, present the Capricorn dead pan, listen up and learn something you didnt know.

AQUARIUS: Mars moving into Aquarius has you enterprising, adventurous and impatient. An understanding of cause and effects important, because the way you behave will determine this weeks success rate. While you mightnt be in the mood for it, agreements should be confirmed in writing.

PISCES: Singer Johnny Cash and psychologist Emile Coue are this weeks birthday Pisceans, so if you feel like youre walking the line through a burning ring of fahr, try Emiles famous mantra: Every day in every way I am getting better and better Cant hurt. Could help.

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Community groups rally for homeless

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Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

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