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Directed by Brian Robbins

Rated M

Champagne comedy. Award-winning acting and direction. A mind-blowing original screenplay... In your dreams! Were talking about the film Norbit here, Eddie Murphys latest project.

Oh Eddie, Eddie, Eddie... We know you can act. You blew everyone away with your fabulous performance in Dreamgirls and scored a much-deserved Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination.

What happened man? Lets face it, not everyone can do a Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and write their own Oscar-winning screenplay and boy, is Norbit proof of that!

Yes its true, not only does Eddie Murphy get to play several major characters in Norbit, he also thought up the story, wrote the screenplay and produced it. Pretty impressive hey! Well, it would have been, if Norbit was any good.

Its a heart-wrenching tale about an abandoned baby who is raised by Mr Wong (played by Eddie Murphy) in his Chinese restaurant/orphanage.

Considered too ugly to ever be adopted himself, Norbits best friend and sweetheart is Kate. When Kate is adopted Norbit thinks he will never see her again. So imagine his delight when years later Kate (Thandie Newton) returns to their hometown with the intention of taking over the orphanage.

Unfortunately by this time Norbit (Eddie Murphy) is hitched to the horrible Rasputia (Eddie Murphy), the fattest, meanest woman in town. And theres no way shes letting some skinny bitch steal her man.

Anyway, Kate is already engaged, but is her financ (Cuba Gooding Jr) as perfect as he appears?

Talk about a low point in Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jrs career! The same goes for Thandie Newton. Ditto for the rest of the cast! And that includes Lloyd the pug dog, who, by the way, was my favourite character.

There is an audience out there for these low brow comedies, otherwise they wouldnt keep making them, so if you enjoyed Little Man youll probably think Norbit is a riot.

But much as I thought this film stank I do have to give credit to the make-up by Rick Baker and the special effects, which were faultless.

Theres a rumour going around that Eddie missed out on the Oscar because he followed Dreamgirls with Norbit... Like the poster says: Have you ever made a really big mistake?

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