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Kung Hei Fat Choy and welcome to the Lunar New Year of the friendly, free spending, beauty loving, life be in it Red Fire Pig, traditionally considered a year of prosperity, abundance, inflation and excess

ARIES: Aries in a Fire Pig Year tend to work hard and play even harder not to mention behave like the last of the big spenders. But this year risky investments and reckless spending should be kept in check its a time for getting creative and doing more with less.

TAURUS: The Eastern year of the easygoing gourmet Porkers traditionally one for enjoying all aspects of la dolce vita because Piggy, like Taurans, is a keen fan of lifes rich smorgasbord. Definitely a year to allow yourself more time for artistic pursuits.

GEMINI: The year of the playful party porker who loves networking, schmoozing and cruising the room should bring excellent connections for Geminis. Extra caution is advised in money matters though: risky financial ventures arent recommended.

CANCER: The Year of the Pig is traditionally an at home year in which you spend money on Crab casa tinkering, renovating and decorating to make it comfortable and congenial, then doing lots of entertaining in it of both the social and intimate kind

LEO: The New Year of luxury loving Pigsy could activate your natural extravagance to make a grandiose hole in your bank balance if you spend too much time over the coming months playing flash, lavish Lion and not enough being a smart puss.

VIRGO: The year of the indulgent swine encourages hardworking Virgos to enjoy the good things life has to offer, which youve certainly earned. Youre not one to splash cash you dont have the years biggest warning so get down, get dirty and have a wonderful wallow.

LIBRA: This week kicks off Eastern astrologys Year of the Pig, said to hate arguments and disharmony. And a year when others are more ready to sort their differences suggests a less work, more fun 12 months in store for you peace-keeping Venusians.

SCORPIO: Uh oh! The tendency of the Intemperate Tusker to be excessive doesnt help that Scorpio habit of overdoing it. So how about working smarter rather than harder, and showing others your softer, kinder side as well as your more formidable boss qualities.

SAGITTARIUS: Like Sagittarians, too long in confined spaces depresses Pigs. But lots of short trips are indicated this year, which brings plenty of grunt for carrying projects through to completion though over spending and get rich quick schemes could bring setbacks.

CAPRICORN: The Year of the Red Fire Pig Traversing the Mountain couldnt be any more Capricorn friendly, being one in which its possible for you to be as successful as you want, but at a vastly more relaxed, content and less driven tempo.

AQUARIUS: The Year of the outgoing, generous, open hearted Pig is a rewarding one for working in groups and supporting worthy projects dear to Aquarian hearts. One youll enjoy so long as youre not too nave or trusting in business ventures and partnerships.

PISCES: The coming 12 months of the sensual Porker suggest robust indulgence in the pleasures of the senses, and why not. But while flourishing finances are likely the Pigs expansive influence makes it hard to say no, so weight gains also a possibility

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High five all you awesome women out there

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