Climate change roadshow

If youre feeling despondent about climate change and wondering what you can do at a local level, then the Climate Change Despair and Empowerment Roadshow, put on by the Rainforest Information Centre, could help.

Following on from earlier informational presentations based on Al Gores film The Inconvenient Truth, this motivational roadshow aims to empower people to take grass roots action.

The multi-media presentation includes video footage of Al Gore speaking about the huge impact Australia could make in the US if it signed the Kyoto Protocol.

As part of the roadshow, Rainforest Information Centre director Ruth Rosenhek and founder John Seed launch the evening with a discussion on how to get motivated in the fight against climate change.

The roadshow will address Gores insight that many people move straight from denial to hopeless despair about this issue without leaving any space in between for effective action, John said. Well discuss how these feelings can be transformed into the fuel for inspiration and positive change.

The 90-minute roadshow also aims to debunk the myths perpetrated by business leaders and political parties.

We must not fall prey to political and business leaders eager for business as usual, who want us to believe that we will be able to pay the environmental costs of a new coal mine by screwing in energy efficient light bulbs or planting a few trees, said Ruth. Clean coal is an unproven technology and wishful thinking. It doesnt matter how many windmills and solar arrays we build unless these are accompanied by reducing the more than 70 million tonnes of CO we pump into the atmosphere worldwide each day.

The roadshow also offers an opportunity for participants to become involved in local climate study/action groups.

Underlying the solutions to global warming is the need for social and political reorganisation, said Ruth. Local community groups can begin to understand this and then lay the foundation from which good, strong solutions can be sown.

She said interest in the issue was huge and when the roadshow opened in Coffs Harbour all 270 seats in the theatre were full and people had to be turned away.

For further information, visit Entry is by donation.

Roadshow schedule

Mullumbimby: Feb 23, Pioneer Hall, 7pm.

Nimbin: Feb 23, Town Hall, 7.30pm.

Uki: Feb 24, Uki Hall, 7.30pm.

Lismore: Feb 24, Red Dove, Uniting Church Hall, corner of Keen and Woodlark streets, 7.30pm.

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