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When Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, as it does for the first time this week, communications seem to slip out of synch a bit. But then theres Big Red Heart day, so with love to all readers these Valentine quotes from Handbook For The Heart, edited by Carlson & Shields...

ARIES: Like actors or athletes work at their craft, the art of loves refined in the same way by rehearsing and practising. The key is to love whats in front of us, whoever we come in contact with, rather than reserve all our love for one person, idea or thing.

TAURUS: While love is always willing to receive, love that doesnt ask for anything in return can never be painful if nothing is expected, we can never be disappointed. Lovers love first for the joy it brings them, and only secondly for the joy it brings others.

GEMINI: The way to fill your life with love is very simple: if you want more love, give more love. Love is a decision we can make at any time under any circumstances when were able to access our internal love it permeates everything we do, say and feel

CANCER: A loving way to start the day is being grateful when you wake up that youre alive, that your mind and body work, that you have clothes, shelter and enough to eat. When you realise how lucky you are its much easier to be loving to whoever you meet.

LEO: Love is all around us. The Indian mystic Kabir wrote: Youre looking for love? Its sitting beside you, leaning its shoulder against yours Every time someone does you a kindness, thats a gift of love something they didnt have to do, but wanted to.

VIRGO: The love we emanate changes everything around us person by person, moment to moment, as we love we change the world. You may not see it every time, but the love you give gets passed along, making a chain that transforms your world.

LIBRA: We dont have to look for love outside ourselves because love isnt something we need to be given its something inside us that we give to others. At any given moment all the love we need is right there, available and accessible.

SCORPIO: In the words of Richard Alpert/Ram Dass: Its a true joy to turn someone whom you dont initially like into the Beloved, by doing what Mother Teresa described as seeing God in all his distressing disguises. Thats the way to play the game of love.

SAGITTARIUS: To make a better relationship with someone you dont like, behave as if you love them. Not to be dishonest, but because youd genuinely prefer to like them. That person is affected by being loved, and it really does become much easier to love them.

CAPRICORN: By continually connecting to the source inside ourselves thats loving, were able to feel love around us. Being in love is about sending out what you feel inside to another person or thing. Once we cultivate this attitude we start experiencing it habitually.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians might consider checking out and joining the global choir of dedicated sound healers, meditators and peace activists on February 14 sending out a sonic Valentine to planet earth with the heartsound Ahhhhhh

PISCES: Every time we look at another person with love we do the same thing for ourselves and experience the love we give. When we allow the flow of love in and out were in a sea of love, a love bath, an enduring atmosphere of love.

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