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There are plenty of jobs that should be taken care of in the garden right now.

The crop that you finally harvest from your backyard fruit trees will depend on how you feed and water them now. The best plan is to give all the fruit trees an application of organic fertiliser around October and an application of complete fruit tree fertiliser around January. Be sure to deep water the trees before and after the applications. While we are on the subject of fruit trees be sure to take positive action to control fruit fly in your yard. Personally, I am both trapping and spraying to ensure a greater measure of control of this serious pest. Make sure you pick up any fallen fruit, place in a bucket and pour boiling water over it before disposal.

Go on a regular pest and disease patrol in your garden. Bronze orange bugs can be sucked off your citrus trees with a vacuum cleaner. Hand pick caterpillars and dispose of them. Aphids can be rubbed off tender shoots. Downy mildew can be sprayed with full cream milk. Wooly aphids can be dabbed with metho on cotton wool. White cabbage moth can be controlled with non-toxic derris dust. Control scale by spraying with soapy water.

We are well aware that dead-heading annuals keeps the flowers coming, and there are other plants that should receive similar treatment. Flowering native trees can be dead-headed also and they will continue to flower. Agapanthus should have their dead flower heads removed so as to avoid mass germination of the seed when it falls. Most importantly, top up the mulch in the whole garden.

For any enquiries about the Lismore Garden Club please phone me on 6624 7422 or 0421 021 451.

Finally: So, you want to know how to improve as a gardener, remember the answer is in the soil and its preparation.

Happy Gardening

Ron Burns

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