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This weeks birthday Aquarian Franklin Roosevelt wrote on the day before he died: The work, my friends, is peace. More than an end of this war an end to the beginnings of all wars. Its also the week the Vietnam War ceasefire was signed use it to negotiate a truce, somewhere, with someone

ARIES: If somethings just not working, trying to force it will only make the situation worse. As this weeks birthday wit W.C. Fields succinctly put it: If at first you dont succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.

TAURUS: Dont let this weeks inconsistencies and eccentricities upset you because this is an exciting time to make major advances and some of its wild ideas are definitely worth experimenting with. Watch out for interesting new solutions to long-standing problems.

GEMINI: If something isnt working youll be inclined to drop it and move on to something else. But be aware of any stressful repercussions this might have on others who arent such fast adapters as you. Keep emotional communications open.

CANCER: This weeks likely to offer an invitation to sacrifice your principles, justified with rational arguments and convincing rhetoric. If something seems questionable to you, question it. And keep going till you get answers though they may not be the ones you want.

LEO: If a put-down or something personally hurtful gets your whiskers in a snit, take a step back, dont speak in anger, cool down and think it through. Leave space for negotiating, because this weeks twists, turns and disappointments quickly reverse themselves.

VIRGO: This is the week Katmandu-dwellers honor divine Sarasvati, the wisdom principle. Let her guide you to approach this week the smart way by not being dependent on what others think or locked into meeting their expectations. Your own either, for that matter.

LIBRA: This weeks upside is sociable and entertaining its flip side is excessive, headstrong and upsetting. People are sending mixed messages: saying one thing, thinking another and doing something else again. Dont even try to make sense of it do your own thing.

SCORPIO: Peoples personal peculiarities are peaking this week, but thats no reason to let their hanky-panky make you cranky. Read between the lines, dont rely on promises and let things slide awhile rather than forcing confrontations or showdowns.

SAGITTARIUS: No one could forecast how this weeks mood-swinging mob will behave, so its worthwhile monitoring those off the cuff comments. And also being wary of persuasive types who might be bending the truth or engaged in fancy footwork behind the scenes.

CAPRICORN: Your down to earth, practical Capricorn skills in mediation and conflict resolution are likely to be called on this week. So give your elegant, eloquent and entertaining best administer reality checks and sound advice, bring people back to their senses.

AQUARIUS: Like snakes shed their skin, we continually move on from our past. Theres no avoiding change, and it does get easier the more willing we are to dance with it. As old friends finally exit your orbit this week, new ones arrive...

PISCES: Be as clear as possible about your needs, feelings and intentions this week try not to be vague, imprecise, or give mixed messages, because its already one of those times where you say one thing and people hear something entirely different.

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Community groups rally for homeless

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Art recognises the memory

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Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

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