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Directed by Tony Scott

Rated M

Action fans rejoice! At last, after weeks of chick-flicks and dancing penguins theres a film with not just one, but several car chases! Hooray! And even better, heaps of explosions! Yippee! Let the good times roll.

From the producer with the midas touch, Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott comes Deja-vu, a film that expertly combines action, science-fiction and tons of thrills and chills.

Denzel Washington stars as ATF agent Doug Carlin. Brought in to investigate a terrible act of terrorism that has killed hundreds of innocent people on board a New Orleans ferry, Agent Carlin is convinced that the earlier murder of a beautiful woman (Paula Patton) is somehow connected. Its convincing his boss and the rest of the investigation team that is difficult.

Having gained their respect, he is invited to join them on a top secret project, one that could miraculously prevent the crime from ever having happened at all. Turns out they have discovered a way to bend time back on itself and with Agent Carlins help hundreds of lives could be saved!

The concept of time travel is a tricky thing to get your head around and Deja-vu is no exception. If you try to analyze the plot too deeply youll end up with a splitting headache and be no closer to a plausible explanation. Take my advice roll with the punches, savour all the thrills, twists and turns and accept the unbelievable. In other words just enjoy the ride! Its a doozie.

Having Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington on board is a huge plus. He brings sincerity and depth to the role of Doug Carlin. The rest of the cast are also excellent. They include Val Kilmer, Bruce Greenwood, Adam Goldberg and Jim Caviezel.

You could never call Tony Scott subtle, but if you want action, hes your director!

Edge-of-your-seat exciting entertainment.

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