StarGazing with Lillith

This diligent, practical, taking care of business week is excellent for tying off loose ends and locking in career plans or financial strategies all worth doing before next weeks tearaway Aquarian energy kicks in

ARIES: If its all been feeling a bit much lately and youre losing steam on a current project, astral help is at hand with your planetary main man Mars marching into Capricorn this week a move guaranteed to reboot your motivation, determination and staying power.

TAURUS: Choose tasks this week that can be accomplished in a given time, rather than enormous open-ended projects that deprive you of a sense of fulfillment. Be cautious about responding to what could turn out to be unrewarding challenges.

GEMINI: This week definitely has auspicious business/career/finance potential, so why waste it? If people arent being as immediately helpful as youd like, be lateral and praise them which often tends to change someones attitude dramatically.

CANCER: This week is about as good as it gets for paying bills, making appointments and follow up phone calls, signing contracts or house hunting. Sound stultifyingly dull? No way, Crabsters once you get stuck into it theres surprises galore

LEO: Things are moving so fast that what you thought you wanted big time may have already changed. Check out this week whether what youre still putting so much energy into is whats really likely to make you happy at this stage of the game.

VIRGO: Dont for heavens sake let yourself fall into go-it-alone, grim determination mode this week. Forget all that masochistic no pain/no gain, life wasnt meant to be easy rot. Friends and contacts have heaps of labour-saving advice and unexpected leads for you.

LIBRA: Librans feel unfairness keenly, and anyone trying to take advantage this week is in for a surprise. Because when the chips are down your Mr/Ms Nice Guy/Goddess persona peels off to reveal, yes SuperLibra of the steely glance and immovable stance.

SCORPIO: Thoughts of the past could be on your mind because a similar situation is repeating itself for a final replay if you choose because this week offers an auspicious window of opportunity for completing something thats been going on for a very long time.

SAGITTARIUS: New plans and ideas are singing their siren song but old ones need finalising first before you can make a start. This is the years auspicious Week of Completion for tying off loose ends and taking care of unfinished business.

CAPRICORN: As the Sun leaves your sign this week, Mars marches in to recharge your energy along with your tendency to overdo it. Your stars say dont. As in, dont forget you need regular R & R. And dont ignore health warnings get them checked.

AQUARIUS: If others are dubious about your latest inspirations, no way are you likely to be swayed from them this week not yet anyway. But these are the last down-to-earth days before next weeks extreme Aquarianism, so you might want to at least listen.

PISCES: The good news is this weeks astral energies are reliable and dependable qualities which are likely to be in high demand and short supply by next week, so its worthwhile getting material world, basic bits out of the way while the force is with you.

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