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Its a crazy world.

Today, while I was having breakfast, I saw an ad for an electric cot rocker. True. For parents who really care. You dont want your child to grow up knowing that it was only hand-rocked. Itll have self-worth issues. Oh no.

You buy these four electric boot things that you fit on each leg of the cot. Plug in. Rock and roll. And the happy parents can retire to the plasma wide screen (or work that extra job to pay for the cot and the wide screen) while baby is a-rockin in the nursery.

Now even rocking the cot adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The kidll get seasick while warming the planet. When it grows up the kidll weave from side to side like a drunk sailor.

He (or she) could make a dime as a sparring partner at the boxing club. With such weaving and ducking he could be a politician explaining the obvious advantages of nuclear power, bombing babies or private transport.

He could get a job as a train conductor and stand upright even with the train rocking. And still have both hands free to collect tickets except we dont have trains anymore.

In this modern, progressive age, teenage kids have to mix it with semis and B-doubles on an overcrowded, dodgy strip of bitumen while strapped into ridiculously inappropriate vehicles. Just to go to the beach.

Forget the new P-plate restrictions. Window dressing.

This is a government desperate to be seen to be doing something.

But lets cut to the reality the petrol industry is worth a lot more than our children. The transport system we have is more ridiculous than an electric cot rocker and should be chucked on the scrap heap of dangerous and stupid ideas. The cutting of train services, the downgrading of all public transport, the relentless push of highway systems through our land and the hard sell of private cars all to consume even more oil, despite the environment, the climate and the loss of life, is profit-driven and supported by the government.

Public transport would save our kids and our environment (which is something we are nurturing to hand onto the young ones, aint it?) but a gutless government will continue to sacrifice young lives to the oil God.

Its depressing and puts you off your muesli.

I think that even though we throw electric cots, mobile phones that can make movies, $200 dollar sneakers, and cars with sparkly wheels at the kids, they sense a lack of care. Children are staring down the barrel of an oil shortage and an environmental crisis while every day their lives become even more dependent on the stuff.

Kids run their nintendos on oil, their clothes are made from oil and, in a final act of total devotion to the all powerful goo, they sniff it to find a sort of nirvanic release.

So they smash video stores, beat up Arabs and hurl rocks at cops. We look at them on the widescreen in shock and horror. Where did we go wrong? (Should have got them that electric cot.)

But what do we expect? We bomb cities, kill Arabs and snub our adult noses at international law.

If I was a young person Id be angry as hell.

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