StarGazing with Lillith

With several planets in stubborn mode, this week produces iron mindsets. The good news is Mars in Sagittarius pushing for breakthroughs which are more likely to be achieved by intelligence and insight than pressure

ARIES: Aries robust attitude masks a secret longing for attention and affection. Think of this when youre about to give an opinion that might denigrate someone or hurt their feelings. Treat others this week the way you love to be treated with care, concern, compliments and caresses.

TAURUS: Taurans are pretty determined operators, but be aware that powerful ego drives are working this week. If you start to feel resistance, dont push it ease off and allow others time and space to come around. People wont want to be pressed or pressured right now.

GEMINI: Geminis are well aware of the difference between whats possible to achieve and whats a forget-about-it scenario. Others might think youre taking chances this week, but youve done way more research, networking and homework than they have. Go for it.

CANCER: Present astral energies have business hormones pumping and this is one of the years finest times for tightening financial leaks, planning new money moves and particularly for making positive changes to shared assets and joint holdings.

LEO: Youll be chuffed, though naturally not surprised, to learn youre this weeks enterprising, decisive, love and money magnet. Too much of a hard sell will turn others off though, so be aware when your audience is ready for you to slide, oh so subtly, into a less pressing register

VIRGO: While this weeks people lean to the stubborn end of the spectrum, the general energys decidedly Virgo-friendly, and being flexible is very much in your own interests. This weeks success is directly proportionate to how much pleasure youre getting from what you do.

LIBRA: With your planetary boss lady Venus moved into Aquarius, expect three weeks of vivid social life, sudden insights and unexpected experiences with unusual people plus some sudden changes and rearrangements in the Libran work place and home front.

SCORPIO: Your stars advise avoiding getting stuck on whats not working this week, because what you focus on inevitably expands. Youre going for the glass half full approach this year, remember? Find what is working or what might and concentrate on expanding that.

SAGITTARIUS: Your current plan or project gets extra star support right now and if this week presents you with setbacks, it also brings the ability to snap back like elastic with that signature Sagittarian resilience, resourcefulness and refusal to give in or give up.

CAPRICORN: The present no nonsense, back on track energy needs some light relief and its time to treat yourself to something you enjoy. Let things run by themselves. And dont be standoffish this week others appreciate you being accessible and available.

AQUARIUS: According to Aquarian Galileo Galilei: All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them You may have to do a bit of extra digging to unearth it this week but isnt a new truth worth it?

PISCES: With Mars in Sagittarius delivering a fairly massive attack of volatile behaviour, its wise to protect your psychic space from disturbing elements this week. And give some thought to the recent wonderful, unexpected new opening thats become available.

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