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The Holiday

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers

Rated PG

Does your life suck? Heres an idea! How about escaping to the other side of the world, even if its only for two weeks.

Thats what Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) decide to do!

When Amanda discovers that her boyfriend (Edward Burns) is cheating on her she punches him in the nose and throws him out of her LA mansion.

Meanwhile, over in England, Iris has just found out that her ex-boyfriend (Rufus Sewell), whom she is still madly in love with, has secretly become engaged.

Unable to stop crying she retreats to her gorgeous little country cottage and contemplates suicide. Deciding this is too final a solution she has the brilliant idea of placing her home on an internet site in the hope of exchanging it with someone... anyone, anywhere in the world for two weeks over Christmas.

And shes in luck! Across in LA Amanda stumbles upon the site and is immediately captivated. But before giving the green light to the swap she needs to know one thing... Are there any single men in Iris village? When the answer comes back a big fat zero she agrees to the exchange immediately.

The very next day Iris is on her way to sunny Los Angeles and Amanda is headed for a white Christmas in the English countryside...

Neither of them is planning on falling in love but this is a comedy romance so there has to be some lovey-dovey stuff. And thats where Jude Law and Jack Black come in. Although personally, when I think sexy, romantic lead, Jack Black doesnt instantly spring to mind unlike Jude Law, who is sex on legs! But Black is great in the role funny and cute! He plays Miles, a film composer who works with Amandas ex.

Yep, if youre in the mood for a really girlie chick flick, youre in luck. The Holiday is written and directed by Nancy Meyers, the director who brought us What Women Want and Somethings Gotta Give, so you know youre in champion chick flick territory. And theres plenty to like about this feel-good film, although at two and a half hours its a bit long. But being the perfect date movie that just gives you more time to snuggle with your honey in the back row!

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