Unbridled fantasy

Lismore artist Jon Liddells latest foray into the world of fantasy, The Bride Unbound, is now on show at Caddies Coffee Shop in Lismore.

In this new collection Jon, who describes himself as a frustrated filmmaker, pays homage to some of his favourite horror flicks with imagery that can often be dark and disturbing, but also touching and poignant.

At the end of the film The Bride of Frankenstein the monster is rejected by his new mate, and blows up the laboratory, explained Jon. I decided to make a kind of sequel in a series of still images where the monster survived the explosion, and, gathering up the remains of his masters apparatus, sets up shop in an abandoned windmill and proceeds to build his own mate... with unplanned for results.

Whilst Jon says he approached the series as a bit of fun, both for the models involved and his audience, he soon found that serious themes did creep in.

As I progressed I realised there was deeper meaning within the images things like identity within relationships, maintaining your own individuality without remaking people in your own image, and adapting and growing with someone else, said Jon. All filmed in glorious black and white, reflecting that golden age of horror films. I am very thankful for the incredible energy of Kylie, who played the Bride, and the wonderful special effects make-up of Fran Jones.

The Bride Unbound will be on show until end of the January.

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