StarGazing with Lillith

This week hosts one of the years most emotional full Moons, but that doesnt mean everyone has to hit the spin cycle. Those who start feeling separate could try the tantric practice of breathing in the world and breathing out yourself till inside and outside are the same

ARIES: You really dont have to prove anything this week by repeating last years mistakes and taking on killer responsibilities. This years about quality of life, remember? If others are in gung ho mode and want to take over, let them.

TAURUS: Things mightnt slide all that easily into place this week full Moon is known to scramble plans. But on the bright side its the perfect time to sit down and get serious about writing (yes, actually writing down) your goals for the year.

GEMINI: This is one of the years best weeks for a major sort out rearranging, realigning, recycling, replacing, donating, or just plain chucking. And speaking of tweaking, certain friendships which may have frayed a bit lately could do with a repair job.

CANCER: If the wow factor seems to have gone AWOL in life after the season of unreason, its only post-holidayitis. Fear not, this weeks Cancer full Moon presents you with plenty of blips and glitches to blitz those mental cobwebs and get you back in the saddle.

LEO: With Cancer full Moon rocking everyones emotional boat, this weeks frustration thresholds low. Leos are of course born with stress resistance and emotional control, but be advised that others not so naturally equipped might be, shall we say, less dignified.

VIRGO: Are last years old habits creeping back? Then take radical action. Whenever youre about to make a criticism, find something to praise instead. Regular doses of joy are an absolute must this year, and this is one way to start generating them.

LIBRA: If a restless, hungry full Moon must-have feeling starts manifesting itself as a tug of war between extravagance and sensible spending, indulgence and safe shopping, wait till next week when the sales are cheaper. Pay full price are you mad?

SCORPIO: Stubborn insistence on a particular way of doing things yours for instance will drive others nuts this week, a particularly short drive during midweek full Moon. Let people be however they need to be. You do the same, and weekend stars could be absolute magic.

SAGITTARIUS: With events powering along inexorably of their own accord right now you dont have to push because that will actually push them away. So relax. Trust. Let people and opportunities come to you. Havent they always?

CAPRICORN: The present planetary gumbo seems to be suggesting you should give yourself a new year Capricorn birthday present, from you to you. Something you always wanted not so much an object as an experience, occasion or special connection.

AQUARIUS: This weeks strong feelings arent easy to organise, formulate or put into words, so listen to your instincts and impulses and communicate with other peoples. A potentially important friendship is hovering an old one to deepen or a new one waiting to happen.

PISCES: Though its too early in the year for drama, full Moons likely to see you taking care of more business than you wanted to this week. But planetary placements are supremely Fish-friendly, giving you quick results that leave time over for some very fun socialising.

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