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Night at the Museum

Directed by Shawn Levy

Rated PG

Finally Hollywood has portrayed a museum how every child (and child at heart) imagines it to be alive!

Larry (Ben Stiller) is an unemployed, divorced father of a young boy who views him as a loser because of his lack of stability. Larry is about to be evicted from his apartment when he suddenly gets a job as a security guard at Manhattans Museum of Natural History.

It doesnt take long for Larry to discover that, thanks to an ancient Egyptian tablet, the entire museum is enchanted and all the exhibits come alive from dusk till dawn.

Larry soon finds himself being chased by Attila the Hun, helping Neanderthal men with their search for fire and being ambushed by miniature cowboys, Roman Legion and Mayan warriors. Not to mention being hunted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and befriended by Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams) and a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus.

While Larrys initially shocked by the museums magical night-time transformation, when the ancient tablet is stolen and the enchantment of the place is endangered, Larry enlists the help of the museums inhabitants to get the tablet back.

Joining Ben Stiller in A Night at the Museum is an all-star comic line-up including Owen Wilson, Robin Williams, Steve Coogan and Ricky Gervais (of The Office fame). Director Shawn Levy, whose previous works include the recent adaptation of Pink Panther, delivers plenty of laughs in this fun and exciting adventure.

I found Ben Stillers performance a little wooden, but the on-screen duo of Owen Wilson as a cowboy and Steve Coogan as a Roman Legionaries stole the show. Their witty gags and constant feuding is hilarious.

A great holiday movie for anyone that enjoys a laugh, a bit of history and some good CGI.

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