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In the increasingly hectic and fast-paced world we live in today, we can sometimes forget about the simpler pleasures in life. We strive for more material possessions and increased wealth, perhaps in an attempt to feel happier. But according to Richard Reeves, a British social commentator, author and economist, the easiest way to increase your happiness levels is to focus on the activities we undertake, rather than the amount of money we earn.

Theres a problem in our society: more affluence, so more stuff, but its not making us happier. Theres a mountain of evidence on how we could all individuals, organisations, communities make better choices to lead better lives, says Reeves.

And he cites gardening as one of the best ways to do just this.

By working in a garden for a few hours each week, youll get the same happiness level in life as if youd doubled your income, he explains.

Busy with the kids or grandkids? Get them involved in gardening by giving them their own little patch in the backyard, or even a few pots. Kids love getting their hands dirty, and the process of planting, caring for and picking fruit and vegies.

The wonderful life-giving rain over the last week will help our fruit trees hold their fruit and avoid fruit drop. Now is a good time to fortnightly foliar feed the whole garden with soluble flower and fruit fertiliser; this will result in healthier plants which will perform much better. To control downy mildew on cucurbits spray with a solution of one part full cream milk to 10 parts water.

The next meeting of the Lismore Garden Club is on the second Thursday in February at the Lismore Workers Club at 1.30pm. Prospective members are most welcome. Meanwhile, for information phone me on 6624 7422 or 0421 021 451.

Finally: What better time and what better season, what greater occasion or more wonderful reason, to kneel down in prayer and lift our hands high to the God of creation. Helen Steiner Rice

Happy gardening and Merry Christmas.

Ron Burns

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