StarGazing with Lillith

Time again to send a big aloha and thanks to this columns readers for their appreciative feedback, and fire off a request to the cosmic (and comic) forces to send you all the makings for a happy, healthy, light-hearted and loving holiday season. Fridays whacking great Global Orgasm For Peace ( is definitely recommended to kick off the festive spirit

ARIES: Time for the little Aries battler to stop thinking go-go-go, start thinking R&R. To get with the festive celebrating, jolly holiday, goodwill to all, more the merrier, friends and family, peace on earth program. Remembering always tis the season to avoid speed and aggro.

TAURUS: Youve done the hard pre-Xmas yards. Now its time to start winding down realising certain things wont get done (maybe a lot, but so what?), switching your settings to cruise control and putting your furry feet up with a glass of something sparkling.

GEMINI: This weeks tidings of great joy are that apart from the odd hiccup and last minute flurry of hunting, gathering and wrapping youre almost up to where you launch into what Geminis do best: have fun and entertain others. Wishing you plenty of yo-ho-ho hanky panky

CANCER: Time to aim difficulties into the too hard basket. Deal with festive contingencies by sticking to what youre good at and what you know works. Refuse to listen to unconstructive criticism, your own included. And have your dream holiday season, whatever it may be.

LEO: Some things wont turn out the way you planned these holidays do they ever? but who knows, they might be even better. As you illuminate the smorgasbord of seasonal celebrations, be ready to turn the unexpected to your advantage as only a Leo can...

VIRGO: This weeks birthday playwright Christopher Fry posed the quintessential Virgo question: Whats a halo? Only one more thing to clean. Youve got plenty to do already, and check the mirror wings havent sprouted yet. Have a really deadly silly season, Virgs.

LIBRA: While this week inevitably ignites the odd flare up, the earthy holiday star mix levels out the hectic end of year rhythm to a bearable tempo and you along with it. Be guided by Venus in all holiday decisions and you wont go wrong.

SCORPIO: Making secret backup plans isnt such a bad idea, because the festive menu has a surprise or two up its sleeve. What others dont know they wont scoff at, and theyll applaud your extraordinary psychic forethought. Whether youre celebrating quiet or wild, be happy.

SAGITTARIUS: Your humanitarian assignment for the next fortnight is helping others enjoy whatever state of divine disorder they find themselves in, for which the festive gods will deluge you with unexpected blessings.Wishing you the holiday season you always wanted.

CAPRICORN: Let the words of British Capricorn poet Matthew Arnold, born on Xmas eve, be your yuletide and New Year holiday guide: Calm soul of all things! Make it mine to feel, amid the citys jar, that there abides a peace man did not make, and cannot mar

AQUARIUS: Its a curious fact that the season of goodwill seems to make people ferally frazzled and snappy, heat-high and tolerance-low. Contrary Aquarians reversing this ratio by being helpful, happy and humorous are guaranteed a cool yule and no ordinary new year.

PISCES: Dont let anything pressure you into rushing. Youre not a racing fish, youre a North Coast dolphin who loves to play so proceed at a cruisy pace, and let manana take care of whatever you dont. Wishing you a warm, wet, wild and wonderful holiday cocktail.

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