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Directed by Stefen Fangmeier

Rated M

If you love being transported into a world filled with dragons, dragon riders, evil kings and magic then you will love Eragon. Based on the best-selling fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini, this is the story of Eragon (Edward Speleers), a poor farm boy who, unbeknownst to him or anyone around him, is destined for greatness.

One night while out hunting Eragon finds a shiny blue stone in the forest. He has no idea that it has been stolen from King Galbatorix (John Malkovich) and he is even more surprised to learn that it is a dragon egg, a fact he only discovers when it hatches!

It turns out dragon eggs can remain dormant for centuries waiting for that one special person to appear the person who will be their rider.

Eragons dragon is called Saphira and the bond between the two is immediate and powerful. But Saphiras birth has put Eragons life in danger. Evil King Galbatorixs henchmen are on their way to kill the 17-year-old because when a rider dies, so does their dragon. And Galbatorix knows there is no greater threat to his rule than a new dragon rider. After years of tyranny the people are ready to revolt. All they need is hope and the arrival of a new dragon would give them that.

Will Eragon, Saphira and Brom (Jeremy Irons) reach the safety of the rebel forces in time?

Not so long ago fantasy films like Eragon, Lord of the Rings and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe would simply not have been possible. It has taken the magic of CGI to bring these much loved books to the big screen.

And fans of Christopher Paolinis novel will not be disappointed. The dragon Saphira is totally believable, the special effects are top notch and young Edward Speleers is suitably handsome and heroic. John Malkovich is in his element playing the evil ruler Galbatorix and Robert Carlyle is virtually unrecognisable as a dark and deadly sorcerer.

Full of woo-hoo moments, with plenty of frights and fights along the way, Eragon is perfect school holiday entertainment. Roll on part two!

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