Dramatic end to school year

Trinity Catholic College high achievers Sarah Ford, 18, from Goonellabah and Hugh OConnor, 18, from Lismore.

Hugh OConnor reckons theres a good chance he could be unemployed for most of his life, or working in a coffee shop. Hard to believe, considering his UAI was 98.55, one of the highest for Trinity Catholic College. Not so hard to believe when you find out Hughs chosen profession acting.

Im probably never going to even use my HSC results, said Hugh, who is planning to travel overseas for a couple years to find his head space and gain a few life experiences before treading the boards seriously.

NIDA said This isnt the place for you if you havent paid a bill or had your heart broken so I guess Ive got some learning to do, he said.

While Hugh is off getting his heart broken, fellow high scorer Sarah Ford, who got a UAI of 98.3, has more sedate plans. Although Sarah also loves drama and was Lady Macbeth alongside Hughs Macbeth in Trinitys last theatre production, she is hoping to study at the Queensland University of Technology.

Im going to be boring and study law and journalism and probably become a lawyer, said Sarah.

Whatever their futures hold, both teenagers are revelling in the recent media attention as they confess neither of them have been award winners during their school years.

Its always nice to get a good score and be congratulated for your efforts, said Hugh. Its a really positive affirmation to take away with you.

Trinity Catholic College had outstanding HSC results with 133 students on the Distinguished Achievers List for 2006. Along with Hugh and Sarah, other students who deserve special recognition for their academic achievements are Hannah Burgess and Casie Winkler.

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