Weather puts dampener on skate park checks

The final audio sound check at the Nimbin skate park, which was scheduled for last weekend, has been postponed until the new year.

Its the third time that sound checks have been called off due to bad weather.

The Australian standard for undertaking environmental noise measurements requires that tests should not be carried out during periods of rain or wind as it can affect results significantly.

Its been a long haul for the Nimbin skate park project, which began in 2000 and has still not officially opened. Unauthorised use by skaters keen to start using the park led to noise complaints from neighbours, which caused controversy and halted progress. Noise mitigation has been going on ever since in an attempt to bring the sound down to an appropriate level.

Marcus Mantscheff from the Nimbin Community Development Association said a large proportion of the $5000 to pay specialised audio engineers for the sound checks was raised by local youth.

Board riders from across the region had been invited to come and participate in the weekend sound test to enable noise levels to be recorded as accurately as possible. Marcus said an earlier sound check which had used predominantly younger skaters had been questioned.

Because the only board riders were grommets, and it was felt they would not make as much noise as older skaters, he said. So (this time) we invited board riders throughout the region.

Marcus said the sound check in the new year would be the final test for the park, upon which all future design and development applications would be based. He said if all went well Nimbin should have a fully-functioning skate park within 18 months.

Meanwhile, Lismore City Council will be considering whether to partially fund the sound tests at its first meeting of the new year in February.

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