Courage needed to tackle climate change

Normally I strictly avoid commenting publicly on issues and decisions of my colleagues in other councils. However, the report in The Echo of the treatment of the global warming issue at the last Lismore City Council meeting was not what Id call normal.

To hear of debate as ill-informed as that reported should concern everyone, everywhere. Human-caused climate change is accepted as fact amongst respected climate scientists of the world almost unanimously. For councillors to argue otherwise employs the logic of the dark ages and retards essential progress towards urgently-needed bi-partisan solutions. The risk to Lismore is every bit as real as the risk to Ballina, Lennox Head, Timbuktu or anywhere else.

Therefore, the Lismore debate is just as important to my family and the future my children inherit as it is to yours.

The world needs leaders of courage now, probably more than ever. If they arise in the form of a teenage girl then so be it. Congratulations to the young lady for her courage in speaking up and out. Shes right and shes far from alone.

What concerns me most is, when she reaches my age, what will her world be like and what will her own grandchildrens prospects for the future be then? She has more riding on the decisions we elected people make, or fail to make, than any of us sitting around the tables.

Cr Alan Rich

Lennox Head

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