StarGazing with Lillith

With Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all in the sign of the great outdoors, Sagittarian poet Milton said it best for this week: In the vernal season of the year when the air is calm and pleasant, it were an injury and sullenness against nature not to go out and see her riches

ARIES: Cheerful, ebullient Aries excel at enthusing and motivating others. This rousing military abilitys good for getting stuff done, but less effective in up close and personal situations, which during this weeks dry and fiery conditions require a loving touch.

TAURUS: This weeks birthday guru Bhagwan Rajneesh was big on intuition the result of being in tune with yourself and the world around you. With the relating planets moving at different speeds right now, intuitions one of the few things that can keep you in synch.

GEMINI: With your ruling planet Mercury in persuasive Sagittarius you can tell or sell anyone anything right now. This week theyll believe it or buy it, wont question or try it. Tempting though it is, you wouldnt take advantage of that now, would you?

CANCER: In the third decanate of Sagittarius peoples behavior tends to get increasingly complex, or to use that polite euphemism, different. Including yours making this is a week to remember that tolerance given is tolerance more likely to be returned.

LEO: Venus moving into Capricorn puts emphasis on outward appearances: money, prestige, luxury toys and trappings all things Leos love. But while things can make you look good, they cant love you back. Only infinitely more important living beings can do that.

VIRGO: It would be easy to find fault with this week. Too easy, and more worthwhile tackling a challenge thats worthy of you: like powering through the million things on your Christmas hit list while simultaneously generating peace on earth and goodwill unto others.

LIBRA: This weeks go getters want results, want progress, want things crossed off their Christmas lists, and have zero patience with indecision or being kept waiting. For Venus sake remember youre a Libran and even if provoked do not enter this discomfort zone.

SCORPIO: Its a tricky but necessary dance to restrain and keep a controlling rein on those intense Scorpio appetites without losing your wild spirit. But thats this weeks brief, because the temptation to excess is operating on every level.

SAGITTARIUS: Born in the sign of Sagittarius over 20 centuries ago, Roman poet-philosopher Horace had two pieces of advice which could still be applied to this weeks tricks and surprises: When the going gets rough, keep calm. And: Nothing is an unmixed blessing...

CAPRICORN: Others are more likely to walk away this week than stay to try and patch something up preferring to start over fresh rather than hang in there. If you want to convince them otherwise, itll take some very fast and highly inspired talking.

AQUARIUS: A great antidote for this weeks various stresses is the ancient art of self blessing wishing yourself well and telling yourself youre doing a wonderful job. DIY as much as you like its the perfect medicine: no toxic SFX, you cant OD and its free.

PISCES: Road rage, money drain, climate change, escalating stress levels, people angsty and cantankerous, nervous systems hyperactive, taking the wrong things too seriously what to do? Dont fuss, theyll soon be forgotten, the holidays are nearly here...

Art finds science in Quad

Art finds science in Quad

Arts vs science festival is set to explode

NEG means many things to many

NEG means many things to many

NEG can be an abbreviation of either negative or negligible

Help's at hand in many forms for farming families

Help's at hand in many forms for farming families

Those needing help should visit the Drought Hub website

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