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Casino Royale

Directed by Martin Campbell

Rated M

Bond is back and boy, is he back. Weve had the suave Bond, the sexy Bond, the oh-so British Bond and lets face it, the slightly corny Bond. But with the introduction of Daniel Craig we now have a rougher, tougher and actually believable 007.

Not only does this Bond look like he is capable of performing all those incredibly physical stunts, but Casino Royale takes us where no other Bond film has ever dared go before. Can you imagine Roger Moore stripped naked and having his bollocks flogged? Do you want to imagine it? Nuh! No way!

But get ready to drool girls. Daniel Craig is buffed, brown and gorgeous with the bluest eyes imaginable. And hes much more than just a good looking hunk. Critics all around the world are being forced to eat humble pie after seeing his performance in Casino Royale. He may be the first blonde Bond ever but Craigs no dummy. The guy can really act. And for the first time since Sean Connery, Bond looks like he could really choke or beat someone to death! What a guy!

I dont want to give away the plot of Casino Royale but like all the best Bond films there is plenty of jaw-dropping action scenes which will have you on the edge of your seat, heaps of slimy villains and just enough drop-dead gorgeous women.

And say goodbye to all those dreadful outdated jokes. Bond has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. But dont get too worried, he hasnt gone all PC on us.

The women have just developed IQs higher then their stiletto size and for better or worse, depending on how sentimental you are, gadget man Q has been decommissioned.

Casino Royale is long at two hours and forty minutes but its the best action movie Ive seen for a long time. Judi Dench is back as M, Eva Green plays Jamess love interest Vesper and Simon Abkarian, Mads Mikkelsen and Sebastian Foucan all star as Bond baddies. No guessing what happens to them!

This is the most intense, entertaining Bond film for years possibly even decades!

Roll on the next one!

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