No nukes in our backyard, says Cr Swientek

A pre-emptive strike against a nuclear power plant being built in the Northern Rivers failed to gain support at Tuesdays Lismore City Council meeting.

Councillor Frank Swientek moved that Council write to the Prime Minister and Page MP Ian Causley expressing opposition to locating a nuclear power plant in the Lismore area, and that support should also be solicited from nearby councils.

He said Brisbane and the Gold Coast had much more lobbying clout to resist nuclear power plants being built in their midst, and it was entirely possible one could be built in the Northern Rivers to service their energy needs.

It may well be a solution for future governments, he said. We should be heading them off at the pass and saying we certainly dont want them here and enlisting support from our neighbouring councils. I dont think people in our community want it and I think they will be re-assured that this Council is doing everything it can to prevent it from happening.

Cr David Tomlinson said he did not support the motion because a nuclear power plant would never go ahead without huge government subsidies of billions of dollars.

It costs billions of dollars to de-commission the things, and no-one in Australia will want them, he said. Its not going to happen. Its just a diversionary tactic from our Prime Minister whos so good at these things to divert attention from climate change.

Cr Swientek said it was dangerous to be apathetic.

Its tantamount to being negligent not to make our position clear, he said.

The motion was defeated 8/3 (Crs Dowell, Ekins and Swientek for, Cr Irwin absent).

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