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Duke of Edinburgh Awards

I recently had the pleasure of presenting Duke of Edinburgh Awards to twelve St Johns College Woodlawn students. In a first for the College, one of the students, Joanne Ethell, was awarded the prestigious Gold Award. Five students received Silver Awards; Alex Cooper, Jessica Clifton, Nicole Smith, Hamish Webster and Elliot OFarrell. Six students were the recipients of Bronze Awards; Jessica Marsh, Camilla Ford, Laura Fitzhenry, James Brooks, Tom St Vincent-Welch and Micheal Lynch.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards promote self development and encourage community services among people aged 14-25. Congratulations to the students and Duke of Edinburgh Awards co-ordinator, Ted Davey, on their hard work.

Justice of the Peace cut-off date this week

Following the introduction of the Justices of the Peace Act 2002 on December 8, 2003, Justices of the Peace in NSW are now only appointed for a five-year time, at the end of which they may apply to renew their commission for another five years.

As a result of these changes, existing Justices of the Peace were required to apply for reappointment prior to this weeks cut-off date of December 8, 2006. Any existing JP who has not been reappointed by this date will have their appointment automatically lapse and will not be able to continue to provide JP services after this date.

Holding a party for young people

The NSW Police provide several tips for planning a party for young people which can help make the event safe and free of unwanted guests or gatecrashers. Their tips include:

Having a parent or responsible adult present;

Being aware of hiring conditions in public venues such as a hall;

Registering the party with local police;

Maintaining control over the distribution of alcohol and discouraging guests from bringing their own; and

Ensuring food is available as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

Community groups rally for homeless

Community groups rally for homeless

Community groups rally for homeless at the Winsome

Art recognises the memory

Art recognises the memory

Gallery plays host to new Art & Dementia Program

Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

Give me Fisherman's Co-op over swanksville any day

hygge is the Danish word for enjoying life's simple pleasures

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